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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is our #1 advice for doctors building a new dental office?

    Be engaged in your design and construction process from the very beginning...

  • Should I lease or buy a space for my start-up dental practice?

    Seven years is considered the “breakeven” point in terms of occupancy costs...

  • How much per square foot would it cost to build a dental office?

    There are many factors that go into the cost per square foot for an office build out...

  • How much would a dental practice build-out cost?

    Although the cost for a practice build-out will depend mostly on its size, a typical 2,500-3,000 sqft dental office build-out could cost anywhere between $500-550k...

  • What are the steps towards opening a start-up dental practice?

    There are seven basic steps most will take toward opening a dental practice...

  • How long does the permit review process take for building a new office?

    The permit review process depends mostly on the state, county, or township and in general, may take 4-6 weeks...