Digital Facial & Intraoral Scans

Digital Facial & Intraoral Scans

October 05, 2018 - James Ton

The advancement of digital facial and intraoral scans have vastly improved the efficiency and precision of doctors with their work and patient satisfaction.

The modern new and improved scans are ideal for custom teeth, dentures, veneers and retainers. Scans are more accurate and transmitting 3-D scans to labs is much more time efficient than sending and receiving physical items.

Traditionally, molds are taken from the patient’s mouth and sent to a 3rd party laboratory. This process is usually messy, time consuming, and lacks the precision a facial scanning machine can achieve. Alternatively, facial scans are not only helpful to increase the accuracy of the work completed, but also enable patients to preview the final results, allowing changes to be made before permanent work is done. 3-D scanning technologies are particularly important because they are able to convert a physical entity, such as teeth and mouth, into a 3-D model.

In the upcoming CE course on November 3, 2018 at the showroom of Arminco Inc., located at 45449 E Severn Way, Unit 166 Sterling VA 20166, Dr. Samantha Siranli will be discussing the symphony between the various types of scans, laboratory technicians, doctors and patients for the ultimate results and patient satisfaction. In her lecture, she will demonstrate a variety of scans on actual patients. Follow the link below to register to this instructional CE lecture held during Arminco Inc.’s 2nd Annual Fall Classic Event.

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