The Secret to Successful Commercial Interior Design

The Secret to Successful Commercial Interior Design

January 08, 2023 - Arminco Inc.

Did you know that 82% of small businesses make it to their second year? If you're hoping to be one of them, you'll need a winning interior design plan as part of your overall strategy. After all, the facility where you offer medical care or other services needs to make a positive impression. 

Keep reading to learn the secret to successful commercial interior design!

Get Input from Key Stakeholders

When you're pursuing commercial interior design, it's wise to invest time in the initial planning process. This is where you will gather key team members together for brainstorming. 

Consider what your ideal roadmap for your clinic's expansion looks like in a few years. Next, determine the budget for equipment and furniture needs within your medical design. For example, you may need new dental chairs and compressors.

Doing so will enable you to communicate these primary needs to your design team. And then you can avoid a ballooning budget.

Look for Ways to Be Flexible

To maximize a remodel or new build, find ways to build flexibility into the design. Your medical practice might need to expand, for instance. You may want to invest in walls or partitions that can be removed easily. 

Further, you should avoid buying heavy furniture or items that will be difficult to move. This is particularly true if you intend to refresh your healthcare room design in a few years. 

Be Mindful of Building Regulations

When it's time to start building, follow local and federal building code regulations. These regulations can impact everything from electrical wiring to framing a room. Failing to follow the codes can lead to safety issues and potential legal problems. 

That's why you need to hire an experienced construction team to lead your building project. Skilled builders will review planning drawings to ensure that everything can come together effectively. 

Integrate Technology into Your Design

Healthcare interior design needs to factor technology needs into room layouts. Will you need large flatscreen televisions in waiting rooms? Or will you need specialized equipment, such as dental X-ray equipment and lab tools? 

Designers experienced in med clinic interior design will be able to work with you to ensure proper installation. And they'll know how to scale rooms to avoid having them feel overcrowded. 

Don't Overlook Aesthetics

Finally, don't forget that medical interior design should look good, too. You can put your patients at ease with a welcoming ambiance. Your employees will enjoy coming to work more, too. 

Work with designers to determine a cohesive color scheme for furniture and wall hangings. Reflect these colors in your brand, as well. And make sure that you have lighting to make your space feel bright and energized.  

Be Successful with Commercial Interior Design

Strong commercial interior design can set your clinic apart from the competition. Gather input from other key team members before working with a design team. Weave flexible solutions and technology into your plan to achieve an inviting space.

When you need help with clinical design and construction, contact us so we can help!

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