The Latest in Medical Office Design for Chiropractors

The Latest in Medical Office Design for Chiropractors

November 13, 2020 - Arminco Inc.

The last thing you want is a visit to your office to be a pain in the neck, and an out of date office could contribute to just that! Creating a 21st-century healing environment in your office will put you ahead of competitors, and help your patients along their healing journey.

So let's take a look at an up to date medical office design and figure out how it will work in your space!

Waiting Room Perks

The waiting room is the first impression your patients will receive of the office, and on busy days, it could be where they spend the majority of their time. Today's waiting rooms are focused on comfort and connectivity.

Work within your budget to purchase comfortable and ergonomic chairs. It's a plus if they're modular so that you'll be able to try different arrangements. Patents will also want space between themselves and other patients, so space the chairs out accordingly.

A simple perk in the waiting room would be a USB port for charging mobile devices, and a smart TV. You can use the TV to show a slide show of chiropractic facts that will help better your patients.

Exam Rooms

Installing a touch screen computer monitor on your wall will not only impress your patients, but it will improve your workflow. You'll be able to view the screen together with your patient and share information such as X-rays. Having all of your monitors linked to the same computer will simplify navigation in each exam room.

Office Style

When planning for healthcare interior design, you'll need to pick one style and stick to it. Mid-century modern is popular right now. With clean lines and lighter, more subtle design elements, and this style gives a clean minimalistic feel without feeling too sterile.

You're not trying to create a bright, white, anti-bacterial environment, but a comfortable and soothing place of healing, without overdoing it. With mid-century modern style dominating right now, you'll be sure to find furniture, desks, chairs, and tables that will go together to create a cohesive look.

Of course, if interior design isn't your thing, you could always find a healthcare interior designer.

Color, Pattern, and Texture

This is where you can have some fun, or at least let the interior designer have some fun! Neutral colors work well in an office environment, with the use of some bolder colors for accents. If you start with a gray base, you can add navy and rust accents with pops of green and pink or coral.

Using green and natural wood grain will give your office a naturally healing vibe that will put patients at ease. Reddish and light wood stains are popular right now and will add warmth to your office space.

Don't overdo it with the natural wood, though. Incorporate other smooth textures or even stone and granite, where applicable.

A Glimpse Into Medical Office Design

Now that you're thinking about incorporating technology, nature, and ergonomics, into a warm and healing environment, you are well on your way to an updated medical office design! Subtle design elements will have a loud impact without being overstated and will provide a great environment for your patients and staff.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help with your interior design needs.

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