Pediatric Dental Office Design Ideas to Decrease Patient Anxiety

Pediatric Dental Office Design Ideas to Decrease Patient Anxiety

February 05, 2021 - Arminco Inc.

A trip to the dentist can be a frightening prospect. This is especially true if you are a child.

Although it is not unusual for adults to have an aversion to the dentist, it is a far more common sentiment in children. In fact, according to some studies, a school-age child is almost three times more likely than the general population to have a fear of the dentist.

But these numbers do not have to be so high. There are many ways to help ease the anxiety of young patients on trips to the dentist. Pediatric dental office design is one of them.

Of course, ideally, a general dentist's office should cater both to adults and children. However, considering the figures above, it can also be a good idea to keep young patients in particular in mind when deciding on your dental office design.

Read on to learn ways of decreasing patient anxiety through innovative and attractive pediatric dental office design ideas.

Color Them Impressed

The psychology of color is a much-studied field of science. We now know that people associate certain colors with certain emotions, and a specific color palette can evoke specific feelings in those who experience it.

For pediatric dental office interior design, it is recommended that typically calming and happy colors, such as blues, greens, and yellows are used. You should avoid reds, blacks, and grays.

Soften the Scary Stuff

To a child's eye, a dental practice is filled with all sorts of scary and sharp looking instruments. The last thing you want is patients getting worked up the second they have sat in your chair.

Why not try cleverly disguising or even adorning some of your equipment in order to make it less frightening? Even something as simple as a name tag for each piece of equipment will invite questions and curiosity rather than the fear of the unknown.

Make the Wait Worth It

Oftentimes, the anticipation of what's to come before a trip to the dentist can be even worse than the actual treatment one receives. This is just one of many reasons that having something for kids in the waiting room is a great idea.

A cheerful mural on the wall, some toys to play with, books to read, or even the addition of TVs and games consoles are all great ways of making a trip to the dentist a little less daunting.

A Familiar Scent

Scent is said to be the sense that triggers the strongest emotional response. Dental offices tend to have quite strong and specific scents, which, to a child, can have negative associations.

Try using an oil diffuser in your waiting room, in order to help mask any overly clinical smells, and produce a calming and cheering effect on patients and staff alike.

Best Pediatric Dental Office Design

When making any pediatric dental office design decisions, always keep children at the forefront of your mind. What would they like? What might they find scary?

By doing this, you will end up with a space your patients will respond well to, and hopefully even enjoy visiting.

If you're searching for new and innovative pediatric dental office designs, get in touch with us today, and let us help you create an office you and your patients will love.

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