Arminco Inc. to Expand BaseVac Dental’s Compressor and Vacuum Market in the Mid-Atlantic

January 28, 2019 - GOHAR MARKARYAN

To wrap up the first month of the New Year, Arminco Inc. President, Artin Safarian, will be traveling to meet with BaseVac’s President, Ray Ralph in their Canada-based facility. BaseVac, which is a division of R. E. Morrison Equipment, specializes in producing dry suction dental vacuums and oil-free compressors.

Arminco Inc. has been endorsing BaseVac’s superior quality dental vacuums and compressors for over 3 years. In 2019, Arminco is expanding BaseVac’s accessibility to a larger audience of dentists in the mid-Atlantic region.

Since the beginning of Arminco Inc.’s endorsement of BaseVac products, Arminco has continued to strengthen its business relations and further expand the reach of BaseVac’s offerings. “I am excited to see how the partnership will grow. We have enjoyed working with BaseVac for the past three years, and look forward to the future,” Artin Safarian stated. “BaseVac is an exceptional company with a great product. It has a very high quality customer service team ready to help with technical support, which is necessary to ensure our clients stay open for business,” he added.

Having completed over 500 dental offices, Arminco Inc. has years of experience working with and installing a large array of dental compressors and vacuums. From the plethora of brands our team and clients have had to work with, we are proudly able to endorse BaseVac manufactured products for their durability and functionality.

BaseVac is known for their revolutionary engineered dry vac design. They have completely changed the way dental professionals view dry vacuum systems. This revolutionary system is able to save thousands of gallons of water which not only results in decreased water bills, but also takes less of a toll on the environment. BaseVac’s entire line is accepted by the Eco Dentistry Association for its low impact on the environment. BaseVac engineers are constantly working on improving their line of dental compressors and dental vacuums, while continually increasing the efficiency of their products.

Arminco Inc. is looking forward to strengthening business ties with BaseVac and increasing the accessibility of their top-of-the-line products.

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