Arminco Inc. Partners with Mach One to Distribute Specialty Orthodontic Products and Services in the D.C. Market

June 05, 2017 - Arminco Inc.

Arminco Inc. and Mach One, both family-run companies, have partnered together to better service their orthodontic clients, both locally and nationally. Mach One has become known as a trailblazer in their industry, focusing on serving the needs of orthodontists through high quality products and a business model designed for the industry. As two dealers working together, their aim is to provide orthodontists in the Mid-Atlantic region with superior and cost-efficient supplies, and an exceptional customer service experience.

“Mach One is a perfect compliment to the services which we are currently providing our local and national clients,” said Bob Brown, Arminco Vice President of Dental Equipment. “With the addition of Mach One as our partner, we now have access to an extensive line of supplies cultivated specifically for the intricate practice of orthodontics. In turn, we will be able to fulfill Mach One’s local dental equipment installation and service needs.”

Mach One will be extending their complete lines of brackets, elastomerics, wires, bands, hand pieces, and more for distribution by Arminco Inc. in the Mid-Atlantic region. Arminco plans on taking Mach One’s established competitive pricing and continuing to pass it along to their existing and prospective clients. Both companies recognize that their orthodontist clients are representatives of a business in their own right, and as such they must always be aware of the clients’ budget on their behalf. This shared philosophy is the undercurrent that strengthens this partnership.

“The partnership aligns well with how our customers expect us to behave, which is always in their best interest,” said Andy Molina, Mach One President and Head of all Operations.

Jointly, Arminco Inc. and Mach One will be better supplied to offer inclusive services to their dental clients looking for design, construction, equipment service or dental supplies.

About Mach One

Mach One is a full service Orthodontic Supply company focused on bringing the highest level of overall value and quality to the Orthodontist. With over 30 years of combined experience in manufacturing, distribution and through collaboration with clinical leaders and technology manufacturers, Mach One is the only Orthodontic Specialty company capable of growing and growing with your practice into the next generation. From custom solutions like hand piece repair, instrument repair/sharpening, Mach One is structured to partner with you in a manner no other company is capable of.

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