Arminco Inc. Designs and Builds New Floatation Therapy Spa in Old Town Alexandria

January 04, 2018 - Arminco Inc.

Arminco Inc. has designed and built an innovative floatation spa in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. Floating is quickly gaining popularity in the U.S. and Europe due to its ability to help people both mentally and physically.

Arminco worked closely with Synergy owner, Chris Jones, to design the space and bring Synergy’s vision to life. The facility is now open to the public in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area. This project was exciting for all the designers and engineers involved, due to the unique nature of the spa and therapeutic concept. Additional research was conducted to ensure proper materials were chosen to withstand the high salt content, moisture and humidity of the spa’s interior area. Arminco designed Synergy with unprecedented quality, precision and attention to practicality and product selection to ensure durability and safety.

According to Allision Rasmus, Design Director of Arminco Inc., “Synergy was designed to be tranquil and relaxing, which was achieved through the use of dimmed and decorative lighting, a warm color palette, and a lot of organic materials”.

“Arminco Inc. was proud to have been able to bring Synergy’s vision to life, while making this new and innovative form of therapy accessible to the residents of Northern Virginia”, explained Artin Safarian, President of Arminco.

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