Fundamentally, a contemporary style is defined by simplicity, subtle sophistication, deliberate use of texture and clean lines. Champions For Oral Health truly exemplifies these qualities by making you focus on the overall space rather than things. This is very much true to how the Doctors wanted their patients to feel when they walked in the front door. They want their patients to have an overall feeling of comfort rather than focusing on the issue that brought them in. By focusing on using a predominately neutral color palette it allows your eye to travel throughout the space, while the pops of red and art gallery style artwork allow you to stop and appreciate the moment. The doctors have such vibrant and caring personalities and the practice needed to represent this. By mixing the vibrant artwork with the soft neutrals it plays with this idea. Dr. Kasperowksi is the Official Dentist of the Red Skins, COOL RIGHT?! The practice had to be not only comforting to the patients but also had to have a feeling of a bit of luxury for the Red Skins patients as well.


chad kasperowski, DMD


fairfax, VA