Wet Vac or Dry Vac?

Wet Vac or Dry Vac?

June 28, 2018 - Gohar Markaryan

Wet vac? Or Dry vac? Just as the heart is an essential organ for the human body, the vacuum system is equally essential to run your dental office. Without a properly functioning vacuum system, your office cannot function; consequently you will not be able to see patients, and will lose valuable profit opportunities.

As with purchasing any other equipment for your dental office, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of the various models and types of machines. The advantages and disadvantages will vary depending on the needs, requirements, and budget of each office.

The wet vac is favored by those who want to initially save money on equipment, since it is cheaper than the dry vac. Although the wet vac is cheaper, the monthly water bill will be significant. The average annual water bill for a dental practices that use the wet vac system is around $2,000. This is a large expense which should be allocated for ahead of time.

Although the dry vac has a higher initial cost, it may be more cost efficient in the long term. The dry vac will turn out to not only be more budget friendly, but it is also more environmentally friendly, and will reduce your practice’s carbon footprint. Suction is another important factor to consider, especially in offices with multiple operatories. Suction can be compromised when several vacuum lines are simultaneously running in a wet vac system. Decreased suction will lead to unwanted discomfort to patients, resulting in a sub-par dental experience. Depending on the needs of your office, purchase a vacuum that will support the maximum simultaneous users to prevent any suction issues during treatment.

Whether you know which type of vacuum you’d like to purchase, or need assistance in choosing, Arminco’s experienced equipment consults can help you choose the vacuum to best fit the needs of your budget and office.

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