This System Used by Orthodontists can Benefit Veterinarians

This System Used by Orthodontists can Benefit Veterinarians

June 24, 2019 - Arminco Inc.

A tech company has been outfitting orthodontists’ offices with an interactive, digital bulletin board for years which veterinarians are now able to implement into their own practices.

Montage, an interactive display system by Solutions By Design, originally allowed orthodontists to teach their patients how to care for their teeth. However, when William Poss’s close friend and veterinarian remarked on how a product like this could benefit the vet world, Poss realized that she was right and immediately began to realize the idea.

Montage can be used in many ways in veterinary practices. Veterinarians can use the display system to encourage clients to interact and educate themselves on pet health. In the exam room, a wall-mounted display can help educate clients and present clinical cases.

There is a whole library of anatomically correct presentation cases in Montage, which helps doctors to better explain the situation to their patients and create custom images and diagrams and email or text them instantly to the patient.

Montage only needs power and an internet connection to work and the company also offers custom content creation, such as graphics, animation and videos.


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