Industry CBCT Expert, Taxin, Speaks at Arminco CE Course

Industry CBCT Expert, Taxin, Speaks at Arminco CE Course

January 14, 2020 - Arminco Inc.

Arminco, Inc. Sponsors Continuing Education Course for Dentists

Attendees Taught How to Bill Insurance Companies Properly and Maximize Revenue

On November 15, Arminco Inc. hosted an important continuing education event for dentists and their billing associates, featuring renowned speaker and medical billing expert, Christine Taxin. The event was held at the DoubleTree Hotel in Sterling, Virginia and aimed to clear the confusion surrounding medical billing and its relation to a dentist’s cone beam computed tomography (or CBCT) unit. Approximately 40 doctors and billing personnel from around the Washington, DC area attended the event, sponsored by Arminco, Inc.

According to Taxin, a 40-year veteran of the dental and medical billing arena, most dental practices do not have the resources or time to figure out how to bill for their CBCT services correctly. Over the course of this six-credit, one-day class, Taxin provided insight into the numerous diagnostic capabilities of a CBCT scanner. She also helped dental personnel better understand how they can generate revenue for their practice while providing their patients with the highest level of care. Additionally, attendees learned how to save their patients out-of-pocket expenditures by maximizing insurance benefits. By the end of the course, attendees gained the overall knowledge they needed to ensure the maximization, utilization, billing, and coding of their CBCT unit.

Maximizing Billing for CBCT Scans

Taxin has seen the need for CBCT scanners to grow among dental professionals throughout her 40+ years in the industry. While these scanners give dentists and oral surgeons a more comprehensive view of their patients’ heads, necks, airways, nerves and growth/placement of teeth, they can also show the presence of blood clots or cancerous growths – serious medical issues that are often covered by insurance, if billed-for properly. A true expert in her field, Taxin is certified by both the American Medical and American Dental Associations. She diligently instructs dentists and billing professionals through her many speaking engagements across the nation and offers online certification courses through Dental Medical Billing University.

As the DC area’s premier provider of dental, medical and veterinary office design and construction, Arminco Inc. enjoys bringing former and potential customers together in an educational yet collaborative environment. This medical billing event not only showcases Arminco’s depth of interest in the dental industry but also demonstrates their commitment to add value to their customers’ bottom lines. For upcoming events hosted by Arminco Inc. visit For inquiries regarding Arminco’s specialty design-build services, be put in touch with an expert at

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