How VR is Helping Dental Patients Calm Down

How VR is Helping Dental Patients Calm Down

July 03, 2019 - Arminco Inc.

Canada-based real estate firm, Umber Realty, has set up a room with Oculus Go headset in order to allow for their workers to immerse in virtual reality for 10-15 minutes and come back to work feeling fresher than ever.

They are only one of a handful of businesses that allow their workers and customers to use this kind of technology to relax.

Research shows VR helps reduce pain and anxiety. Although not very popular yet, VR is very inexpensive and companies can invest in them in order to make their workers and customers more satisfied

OperaVR is a technology used in dental practices that allows patients to view calming nature scenes while they are getting their treatment. Bryan Laskin, dentist and founder of Operability explains that this technology helps both anxious patients and patients who feel awkward.

This technology costs around $1,000 per unit, and it provides a comforting experience for the patient. Because dentists don’t want their patients to move around while getting their treatment, this technology does not allow for 360-degree imagery.

Ramon Llamas, a mobile, VR, and augmented-reality analyst at tech market researcher IDC noted that while there are not many businesses offering VR to customers and workers today, he eventually expects such health- and wellness-related applications to become more common.

Although headsets may help patients get away from the dental environment, there are challenges to consider. Some people feel sick or dizzy while using VR. The headsets may break or get dirty, and it may be challenging to explain how to use the system correctly to the patients.

There is also the question of what if someone was able to hack into your headset and control what you are seeing. It is not ideal for something to go wrong with the headset where dental patients cannot simply take off their headset during dental procedures

“The last thing you want is in the middle of a root canal something going wrong,” Llamas said.


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