How New Technology in Your Office Can Attract Patients

How New Technology in Your Office Can Attract Patients

June 26, 2019 - Arminco Inc.

A standard way of appealing to new patients would be offering a discounted service, or certain free services. This will provide your patients with a chance to see your exceptional skills and come back for more. However, you may feel the need to make up for the lost production elsewhere. Also, this is more likely to attract patients who only care about price, who won’t make very promising recall patients.

In other words, with this discount strategy, you will either attract a quality patient who appreciates your skills and advice, or you will attract a discount shopper who won’t accept to undergo the much-needed treatment and will go on to the next deal.

In contrast, patients who are interested in same-day crown advertising will likely put a high value on their time and they don’t really want to be numbed twice and know a crown is necessary and are ready to take care of it. They will go where they know the procedure can be done in one visit.

Same day crowning technology has been around for a few years, but people still think of it as cutting-edge technology. The patients who are interested in this kind of service are often quality patients who are willing to spend more for this technology and if you perform well, they are likely to introduce you to their friends and family.

One way of attracting these patients is to show them exactly how this process is done. Once they see the process, they will become walking and talking billboards for advertising your services. They will talk about your service to everyone and attract more patients for you.

Alex Smith, a dentist, explains that he didn’t really have much success with advertising solely new-patient specials, so he decided to invest in bringing new technology to his office instead. He added an intraoral scanner and lab to his office and advertised it everywhere he could. Overnight, his new patient count almost doubled!

Siranli Dental

Siranli Dental

He said that these patients wanted to spend any amount they had to in order to take care of their dental needs, and they appreciated his services. They became some of his best recall patients.

Alex Smith put this new equipment, such as the crown mill, CBCT, and 3D printer, somewhere his patients could see. This naturally led to patients asking questions about these new technologies and they finally understood what the dentist could do for them.

District Endodontics

District Endodontics

This strategy shouldn’t just apply to same-day crowns. You can simply invest on any technology you think will benefit your work, and start showing it to your patients. Explain how this technology can benefit your patients, and you will be surprised by the quality of patients you begin to attract.


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