Designing a Pediatric Dental Office: 4 Tips to Keep in Mind

Designing a Pediatric Dental Office: 4 Tips to Keep in Mind

April 02, 2021 - Arminco Inc.

About 385,000 little ones enter our world each day. That makes a lot of little smiles that will someday need a dentist.

While providing excellent care comes first, you should also focus on the environment you treat patients in. Keep reading to learn four tips for designing a pediatric dental office!

1. Comfort

Design a space that feels comfortable to everybody who comes in. When anxiously waiting for treatment, everybody wants a comfy space to sit in.

Provide seating that allows people to relax in the waiting room. While adult dentist offices may focus on individual seating, keep families in mind for the pediatric office. Rather than stiff chairs, choose cushioned benches and comfy couches so the wait does not seem so long.

More importantly, place your focus on patient comfort in the treatment rooms. Offer a mix of open, semi-private, and private treatment rooms to meet the needs of every patient. While open rooms allow other children to see other kids in chairs, closed rooms allow privacy for those who prefer it.

Walking into a huge waiting room can feel overwhelming for a small child. Keep your space compact and cozy so they feel safe and secure.

2. Calming

Going to the dentist can feel scary for some children. Pediatric dental office design should also provide a calming effect. Consider adding an aquarium as watching the fish and listening to the tank calms nerves.

Also, choose a color scheme that eases the mind. According to color psychology, all cool pastel hues tend to calm people. Blue enhances a sense of wellbeing the most.

While considering design, do not forget about speakers. Playing soft music can also mellow out anxious kiddos.

3. Safety

Ideally, children will walk into the office and sit to wait with their parents. In reality, this does not always happen.

Little kids can get antsy and even rambunctious at times. Make sure your space accounts for this to avoid accidents.

Soft seating and rounded furniture without sharp corners can help you keep kids safe. Also, consider carpet over hard flooring to prevent slips.

4. Entertainment

Distract everybody from fears and longer than anticipated wait times with engaging activities for everybody. Building a magazine rack into the wall allows you to provide reading material for both parents and patients, without worrying about a mess from misplaced magazines.

Also, consider creating an activity corner for little ones. Walls with sensory engagement can keep them occupied for the wait.

In the treatment rooms, paint a pediatric dental office mural to give kids something to look at during their cleanings. Choose fun themes like under the sea, space, and safari.

Design Your Pediatric Dental Office With Care

Take great care in designing your pediatric dental office. While you want it to seem modern, you also need to keep comfort and kids in mind. Find a balance that leaves your patients smiling brightly.

We want to help you design your dental office exactly the way you envision it. Contact us today so we can evaluate the situation and get started.

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