CPAC RH-Pro11:  The High-Velocity, Hot Air Sterilizer That Will Change Your Dental Office

CPAC RH-Pro11: The High-Velocity, Hot Air Sterilizer That Will Change Your Dental Office

June 03, 2019 - Henry Tome

The CPAC RH-Pro11 is the industry’s long awaited, most efficient, high-capacity table-top sterilizer. Announced early 2018 by the CPAC company, this old tech was revived to change how you sterilize your delicate equipment as the game changing sterilizer every dental office is going to want, and we couldn’t agree more. No doubt sterilizers have been around for a long time, but none boasting the same credentials as this one. Below we take a look at how this machine will undoubtedly improve your dental office.

Efficiency Meets Large Capacity

Designed to occupy no more room than your standard table-top sterilizer, this unit offers you a full 11-inch square chamber for a larger capacity than your typical unit. The size of this sterilizer is impressive at only 22.5” wide x 22.5” deep and 19.5” tall, affording super valuable counter top space in your sterilization center while the chamber boasts an impressive storage space of 11” wide x 11.75” deep x 11.75” tall.

Ease of operation, great capacity and minimal maintenance are hallmarks of this unit. Imagine sterilizing your equipment with an FDA-Cleared cycle time of 12-20 minutes. The best part of this sterilizer is it does not require any distilled water. Gone are the days of having water delivered or sending out office staff to bring gallons of water to the office. The sterilizer's intuitive touch screen is even easier to use than that of your smartphone. Capacity is where it excels with one of the largest chambers in the industry. With room for up to 4 trays, you will not be cut short. Whether wrapped or unwrapped, you have the choice. No steam, zero corrosion, and no maintenance to worry about takes the idea of “set it and forget it” to a new level.


High-Velocity Hot Air Technology was implemented by NASA, and CPAC has taken the inspired concept of dry heat used in space exploration for environmentally and ecologically safe and efficient sterilization. Gone are the days of having a large microwave style pressure cooker in your sterilization center.

Unfortunately, not all instruments are created equally. Some plastic instruments must be verified to withstand the sort of high heat used with the RH-Pro11. So before you try to sterilize any plastic instruments, it is recommended to check with the manufacturer the maximum heat your plastic instruments are able to withstand.


After conducting a study on the costs of all the major sterilization units in the market, we have found all units have similar price points but do not carry the same cost of ownership. Although a standard water based sterilizer unit of any major manufacturer would cost around $6,000, there are additional operational costs of approximately $6 a cycle and the energy consumption of about $.74 a cycle. Compare this to the CPAC RH Pro-11, which falls in around $7,000 with an operational cost of only $.80 a cycle and an energy consumption of only $.11 a cycle. With a large capacity, minimal maintenance, and a waterless system, this sterilizer will undoubtedly change your dental office to be more efficient and more conservative.

To learn more about the specification of the RH-Pro11, feel free to visit the manufacturer’s website. If you have any further questions, contact us and we will be more than happy to go over how this unit will change your business.

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