Can Social Technology Help Dentists and their Patients?

Can Social Technology Help Dentists and their Patients?

May 28, 2019 - Arminco Inc.

Nowadays, several apps have been developed to help dentists in their profession and to help communicate better with their patients.

An app named “Dental Manager” acts as a medium between dentists and patients and helps the dentist to organize treatment plans for their patients. Later, the patient can stay in touch with the doctor through this app and make further appointments or simply receive tips on how to take care of their teeth.

Another app named “DCStory” makes it easier for dentists to explain the nature of a treatment plan to their reluctant patients, and explain what they are actually going to experience through 3D images and educational counseling.

For patients who cannot afford dentistry costs, an app like “Toothpic” helps. They can contact a virtual dentist within their region and provide photos and answer some questions in order to receive a precise diagnosis.

Now, these apps have proven to be quite useful for dentists, and for communication between them and the patients. The question is, are there similar apps that can help patients to take better care of their dental health?

The answer is, yes, there are! But there are some controversies regarding their use.

For example, no small child really wants to brush his teeth. Almost any parent will testify that they had to spend minutes in the bathroom with their children, trying to get them to properly brush their teeth, failing at times. Dentists suggest playing fun games with children while brushing their teeth, or letting them choose their own toothbrush and toothpaste to help spark some enthusiasm to brush their teeth. Parents can also play music so that their children won’t get bored while brushing their teeth.

Recently, an app named “Brush Monster” has made its way onto the market. This app allows for parents to directly control their children’s brushing patterns. It teaches children how to properly brush their teeth via augmented reality and a smart toothbrush.

Some believe that using apps of this nature can limit the time the family members get to spend together, and that it’s much better for parents to teach their children manually, and maybe even have some fun while doing it and spend more time together. Some, however, see no problem with using these apps.

Regardless of your choice, these apps and many more are available for everyone to use, so go ahead and give them a try! Check this article for more apps that may help your dental office.
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