5 Dental Supply Questions New Start-Up Dentists Need Answers To

5 Dental Supply Questions New Start-Up Dentists Need Answers To

January 17, 2019 - Yoni Weiss

After the design and construction of your new dental practice start-up, it is now time to think about your dental supplies. Trying to order enough inventory to get your dental office running without spending too much money can be a tricky balance. Below are 5 questions to consider to get you practicing in full gear.

How Much Inventory Do I Need for a Dental Practice Start-Up?

All too often doctors are confused over how much supply inventory to order. Gloves, masks, bibs, towels are all the basics an office needs to operate, and the key is to NOT over order. Keep it simple and your inventory can grow as your practice grows.

Where Do I Store All of These Dental Supplies?

The other side of your dental supplies inventory is where to store them all. Make sure to have a clean storage location with good ventilation and proper shelving which goes hand in hand with not being overstocked. As a good rule of thumb; keep an inventory record for your supplies such as disinfectant wipes, cups and protective sleeves to keep your office from running low and use this system to allow for simple reordering when needed.

Do Brand Names Actually Matter?

Although it is not always apparent, brand names can make a big difference. Buying no name HVE tips or disposables could leave you stranded when they are needed most. Brand names have great customer service, shipping and large inventories which assure you get restocked in a timely manner. Not all supplies like gloves and saliva ejectors are manufactured to the same standard. It is important to understand that although you could save money buying generic supplies, it ends up costing you more in the long run. Quality control and standards should be important to you, that’s the difference between you and the next dentist, right? Buy what fits your budget but do not compromise on something that could cost you time to save pennies.

Do I Need A Local Dental Supply Rep?

There is no shortage of Manufacturer Reps or Supply Reps that will be walking into your office. It is a good idea to make nice with a few of them and bring one in close to you and your office staff. Believe it or not, they are important because having a good rep on your side will benefit you more than you know. From bringing you those headrest covers you forgot to order to bringing you the latest and greatest supplies as a trial, your Supply Rep can bring in added value to your dental office. Of course, they always want to do business with you and sell you as many air water syringe tips, sterilization pouches and ultra-sonic cleaning tablets as you need but they are also there to take care of you and your dental supply needs.

Everyone Has an Opinion, Who Should I Listen To?

Opening a new practice is a lot like having a new baby. Everyone has an opinion, and everyone has their way of parenting/office operations. You will come into your own. Some information may be useful but always go with your gut feeling. Each market is different, talk to your local Supply Rep and see what’s happening in the market. They have a pretty good idea and understanding of what will be useful. Your practice will be very different from your colleague who is 5 miles up the road. What works for them, may not necessarily work for you.

Now that these questions have been answered, open your doors and start practicing with confidence! The best way to know what you need is to get started and make moves. You will be surprised at how quickly you will get the hang of everything. You will have more questions and we are here to help.

Contact our Dental Supply Consultant and we will be happy to assist your dental supply needs.

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