Why Your Office Should Upgrade to a 3D Cone Beam CT

Why Your Office Should Upgrade to a 3D Cone Beam CT

June 07, 2018 - Gohar Markaryan

Technology is rapidly growing and expanding in almost every realm of our lives. It has helped facilitate our day-to-day lives. Your dental office should be no exception. Technology should enhance your patients’ dental experience and increase their overall satisfaction. In order for your office to function at its full potential it’s important to keep up-to-date with the latest technological equipment. Although the costs may seem to outweigh the benefits of new panoramics, the benefits to you and your patients will be priceless. Better imaging technology will help doctors perfect their results for the patient and in-turn give the patient the best results possible. Satisfied patients are also likely to recommend your practice; increased patient traffic will increase your revenue and practice success.

So why should you upgrade to a 3D Cone Beam CT? 3D scans provide considerably more details in terms of anatomical structures, bone root positions and allows dentists to see the patients’ whole mouth as opposed to a portion of their mouth, which happens. 3D scans are able to differentiate between various types of tissues. Simply put, 3D scans do more than any 2D scan could. Since details are shown with more precision and accuracy, patients will also feel more confident and secure with their dental professional’s decisions.

Ultimately, the goal is to ensure your patients are satisfied. To give patients the best possible experience, you must have the proper equipment. As with any job, having the proper tools are part of your overall success.

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