Your Dental Architecture Guide: Constructing and Designing the Perfect Dental Office

Your Dental Architecture Guide: Constructing and Designing the Perfect Dental Office

November 20, 2020 - Arminco inc.

Between nine and fifteen percent of Americans say they fear going to the dentist. This number should be zero! You want your clients to be as comfortable as possible during their trip to your practice.

This guide through dental architecture practices will help your office look beautiful and inviting to your staff and clients.

1. Dream Big

What do you want in your office? Multiple operating rooms? A large waiting room? Lots of desk space for welcoming clients? Write everything down that you want and spare no details.

Here at Arminco, we want to see your vision through. Look at our gallery and explore the work we've done for dental office design. We can transform the mood of your space to keep clients calm and relaxed.

2. Get Your Dental Equipment Ready

Find a great manufacturer to supply you with all the tools you need. It's in your favor to do this step as early in the process to account for expenses.

After you secure a supplier, you can determine where you will place the equipment within your operating rooms. Typically, patients get nervous when they see dental instruments, so it should be out of their view.

3. Hire a Star Architect

Hire a competent and/or outstanding architect. The cheapest bid on the market may end up costing you far more down the line if their work isn't up to standard.

A great architect will incorporate your dream office design as much as he or she can in the final blueprints while remaining realistic about your budget constraints. There is no reason to go over the budget bid. Hire someone experienced who will be honest with you.

4. Design Your Dental Architecture

Consider dental office interior design tactics like rear-delivery. This reduces patient anxiety and looks clean when used in a patient room. There are other options, so use the method that works best for you. Over-the-head systems have proved the perfect medium between rear-delivery and over-the-patient systems.

Harbor room designs that support a natural flow. Make it easy for patients to understand where they're meant to stand, sit, and wait. Client comfort is key, and your design can mimic anything from a coffee shop to a diner so long as it satisfies that.

5. Choose Interior Color

The color scheme will help brand your dental practice. Color theory has long proved to be essential in app design and other branding fields, and it's just as applicable in dentistry.

If your dental practice is for kids, consider decorating the inside with kid-friendly wall stickers or other familiar characters that will make them feel safe while in the chair. When kids have something to look at or play with, they'll be a lot calmer.

6. Consider Site Location

Inquire into the previous ownership and uncover any details regarding site information and access to water. Verify that all the construction work gets approved by zoning boards. Allocate land for a parking lot so that clients have plenty of space to arrive.

Time To Build The Dream

We hope this list inspired you to take the first steps in crafting the dental practice of your dreams. A lot goes into dental architecture, but the result will likely win you more clients. We know your priority is outstanding dental care, but aesthetics won't hurt your cause!

Take a look at our design and architecture services where we will deliver your dream practice in a cost-conscious and timely manner.

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