Why Medical Office Design Is So Important for Kids

Why Medical Office Design Is So Important for Kids

May 21, 2023 - Arminco Inc.

1 in 3 Americans avoid going to the doctor, even if they require medical care. Their fear can begin in childhood and continue for the rest of their lives.

A medical office is a strange and scary world for a child. Proper medical office design is essential to make their early experiences ones they'll remember fondly.

Read on for a few design tips to help you create a welcoming environment.

Welcome Them In

It's essential to make your office inviting, regardless of the age of your patients. It's most important when you serve kids because they get overwhelmed in new environments.

Stick to a single color palate with a primary color and two secondary colors. Use calming hues such as:

  • Soft pinks
  • Light grays
  • Greens and blues

Add a rug to the waiting room to show where clients should sit. Put art on the walls, including a few with the children's favorite characters or colors.

Get comfortable, easy-to-clean furniture and fabrics. Use ambient lighting that's bright but not overwhelming. Natural light is even better for relaxation. 

Design for All Ages

A medical office for kids may also serve infants, children, and adolescents. Then they're the parents or caretakers that come with them.

Proper office design needs to accommodate all of them. This could mean creating a separate playroom, schoolroom, or teen room.

Sanitize Everything

Children are germ factories. 7% of households with no children had viral infections 7% of the year. Those with children had them 35-87% of the year. Children under 5 have respiratory viruses 50% of the year.

This makes sanitation even more essential in a medical office that serves children. Install plenty of hand-washing stations and sanitizers everywhere the children walk, play, or receive treatment.

Keep Children Occupied

The average child says, "I'm bored" at least 6 times a day. They don't have the emotional regulation skills to wait to see the doctor.

A medical office needs to incorporate positive distractions to keep them occupied. A TV can be a bit too noisy. Better options include:

  • Sounds
  • Graphics
  • Art
  • Fish tanks
  • Play areas
  • Books
  • Toys

Cater the distractions to your patients. Babies need playpens, and teens need age-appropriate magazines and books.

Addressing patient flow also helps by making sure they get to see the doctor as soon as possible. Children and parents should be able to quickly find the right doors when it's their turn.

Don't Let the Office Get Cramped

Consider how much space you'll need before you start designing. Think of how many patients you see per hour at how long they wait.

Map everything out so you have enough room to fit in comfortable chairs for both the children and adults. Add extra space for children to move around and reach the pleasant distractions you've implemented.

Work With Medical Office Design Professionals

Going to the doctor as a child feels like you've traveled to a hostile planet and been frozen in place. A proper medical office design makes the planet less frightening for them.

Create an open, spacious layout. Use calming colors and art. Use pleasant distractions to keep them occupied while they wait and provide sanitation to fight their natural germs.

Contact us at Arminco Inc. today to learn about our office design services.

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