Why Design Matters in Your Patient Care Experience

Why Design Matters in Your Patient Care Experience

May 17, 2024 - Arminco Inc.

What's the impact of physical spaces on mood? According to Anita Yokota, a therapist slash interior designer, our environment can affect our mood and relationships with others. The good news is we can alter our spaces to make them more mental health-friendly

Speaking of modifying environments, it's even more necessary in healthcare facilities. Doing so will elevate the care experience for patients. Plus, it will help the staff, too. 

That said, if you're updating your dental, medical, or veterinary clinic, here's why you need to consider human-centered design to improve the patient care experience.

Using Interior Design to Help Patients Feel at Ease

Even if someone doesn't have iatrophobia, they may still feel some dread when visiting dental or medical offices. That's why such facilities should take care to understand how lighting, colors, and other design elements influence the patient experience.

Beyond aesthetic appeal, do your patients find your reception area and treatment room calm and comforting? Do these spaces give off a healing ambiance? 

Also, if you have patients with special needs, you need to think further than textures and functionality. You may need to invest in technologies such as noise-canceling and quiet HVAC systems. Of course, you can't forget about ADA compliance and must ensure that your office has accessible features.

Environmental Psychology and Your Brand Identity

From waiting rooms to exam rooms, there's no reason not to incorporate branding elements. However, this should be done in a way that still puts functional design emphasizing well-being front and center.  

Regarding branding, keep in mind that how your clinic looks impacts the way patients view the quality of care they receive, as well as your customer service. That means your interior design must reflect your "personality." If your branding is all about caring for your patients, then your office must be a visual reinforcement of that commitment.

Design Tips That Can Lead to a Positive Patient Care Experience

While calming wall art pieces are an excellent choice, they might not be enough to create a healing environment. That's why it helps to learn about using colors and lighting, as well as natural elements that promote well-being.

If you already have nature-inspired artwork, consider augmenting these with indoor plants. Also, natural doesn't have to mean all green. You can and should incorporate bursts of color to engage the senses. 

It's also crucial to rethink your clinic's layout if needed. This will help your staff be more efficient. And with ergonomic design elements in place, they can focus on giving patients the best care.

Do You Need Help Redesigning Your Clinic for Comfort and Care?

We can help. Arminco Inc. is committed to helping dental, medical, and veterinary offices be more functional and patient-friendly. If your goal is to improve the patient care experience through interior design, we can guarantee that our decades of expertise in healthcare construction and design won't disappoint. 

For your office design, construction, and project management needs, you may contact us through our main office number (703) 430-6669. You can also send a fax at (703) 430-6880.

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