Why Dental Architecture Makes a Difference to Your Practice

Why Dental Architecture Makes a Difference to Your Practice

March 25, 2022 - Arminco Inc.

Approximately 75% of adults plan to visit their dentist within a year.

Dental architecture plays a crucial role in ensuring patient satisfaction and dental practice success.

Your dental practice's specialty will determine the optimum dental office floor plan. The architecture of a pediatric dentist would be vastly different than that of a periodontist.

Please continue reading to learn more about dental architecture and its importance.

Important Questions to Consider

If you plan on starting a dental practice, it is vital to ask yourself several questions.

"How many treatment rooms will your dental office have?"

"How can your dental office floor plan increase productivity and workflow?"

Communicate with your architect any design questions or concerns you may have. Your use of space deserves to be a reflection of your brand.

Carefully consider creating a dental office space that will allow your dental office employees to work efficiently. Your dental office floor plan will also need to meet specific requirements.

The Importance of Dental Architecture

If you're starting a dental practice and renovating an existing space, you likely realize the importance of dental architecture.

An excellent dental office floor plan will increase productivity and profitability. Reducing stress on dental office employees, in return, will make for a happier smooth functioning dental practice.

Determine what type of service you want your dental practice to offer. If you'd prefer to provide a more personalized experience, consider a reasonable number of treatment areas.

Profitability is essential; however, cramming many treatment rooms into an office is not ideal. Your patients will appreciate a higher quality experience in your office if they feel they have your full attention during their appointment.

Dental Office Floor Plan

The ideal dental office will increase productivity while providing the best patient experience.

Architecture that allows for a smooth flow of space is essential. You don't want your patients to feel intimated. The dental office floor plan should be practical.

An open concept is a popular choice in dental architecture. If you are looking to create an open concept style office, consider a few private rooms for patients who may be prone to anxiety.

Smaller children, for example, may be sensitive to bright lights and loud noises. Having a series of private clinical areas can be resourceful if needed.

Waiting Room Features and Design

If you plan on starting a pediatric dental office, catering to children would be the obvious design choice.

A colorful, fun office environment will give children a sense of excitement and adventure. Many children are afraid of the dentist. A waiting room that offers comfortable seating and entertainment is essential.

A general dentist could opt for more neutral office tones and hues. This office setting sees patients of all ages. Providing a relaxing atmosphere can be soothing to those both young and old.

Regardless of your dental office's specialty, create an "at home" feeling in the waiting room. The use of modern decor and comfortable furniture can allow your patients to relax before their appointment.

Arminco INC the Premier Choice for Your Dental Practice

The design professionals at Arminco Inc are a premier choice for designing your dental practice. If you are uncertain of dental architecture or where to begin creating your ideal dental practice, let the experts help.

The dental office design process should be well thought out and executed. We want your dental practice built for success. You can enjoy the streamlined all-in-one experience from architecture planning and design to construction.

Contact Arminco Inc today for office design, construction, and project management needs.

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