When Is the Right Time to Hire a Healthcare Architect?

When Is the Right Time to Hire a Healthcare Architect?

January 20, 2024 - Arminco Inc.

Access to natural light and views of nature reduced the length of hospital stays for cardiac patients. This study is one of many that highlights the effect of building design on health outcomes. A well-designed healthcare facility benefits patients and staff.

A healthcare architect has the expertise to help your building promote better physical and mental health. Learn more about what a healthcare architect does and why involving one from the start of your project is a great option.

What Is a Healthcare Architect?

A healthcare architect specializes in designing healthcare facilities. They hold a degree in architecture from an accredited program. They have an architectural license or a certification from the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards.

A healthcare architect may have additional certifications in healthcare design. Their expertise includes more than just the aesthetics of the building. They design the space to meet the needs of patients and staff.

When to Involve a Healthcare Architect in Your Project

Hiring an architect early in your healthcare construction or remodeling project will give you the most benefits from their services. An architect can guide you through the design and construction process. You can save time and money by avoiding problems.

A well-designed project will be more economical and efficient. The healthcare architect will help you find the most durable materials within your budget. A good design gives you better workflows for more productivity and improved morale.

An architect will help you create more than a structure. They will work with you to design an environment that meets your functional needs while promoting a better patient experience. They can show you options you may not have considered.

Benefits of Hiring a Healthcare Architect

Working with an architect who specializes in healthcare design gives you several advantages. Healthcare architects stay up-to-date on the latest developments in materials and structures.

They understand trends in medical architecture. They can see the difference between a trend and a fad. For example, design trends that have become standard practice include:

  • Single patient rooms
  • Access to nature and natural light
  • Indirect lighting
  • Wayfinding systems

These are in contrast to fads that have come and gone, like labyrinths, universal patient rooms, and hotel-like environments.

Healthcare architects are aware of trends in healthcare delivery that affect the use of space. Current examples include:

  • Virtual care
  • Micro-hospitals
  • Behavioral and mental health

A healthcare architect knows the construction codes, safety guidelines, and other regulations that apply to medical facilities. They'll help ensure that your project follows all the relevant rules.

They can coordinate the entire design and construction team. You may need engineers and other design experts in addition to contractors.

Finding the Right Healthcare Architect

Healthcare design is more than square footage and ventilation systems. It's about creating the right environment for giving your patients the best possible care. A healthcare architect will help you achieve the vision you have for your practice.

Finding the right healthcare architect is crucial. Arminco, Inc. is a premier architecture and construction firm. We specialize in healthcare construction. Our highly skilled team is trained in all aspects of medical construction.

We're committed to completing our clients' projects on time and on budget. Schedule a consultation with Arminco Inc. today to discuss how we can take your project from conception to reality.

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