What to Consider When Designing a Pediatric Dental Office

What to Consider When Designing a Pediatric Dental Office

June 18, 2021 - Arminco Inc.

About 13% of children have dental cavities and aren't getting treatment. So, what's causing so many children to forgo dental care? One driver tends to be pediatric dental anxiety, while another is cost.

As a pediatric dentist, there's not much you can do about cost issues. You can make moves to reduce dental anxiety, though.

How? By updating your pediatric dental office design, you can make patients feel safer. This will lead to both client retention and better dental health for your patients. Are you ready to get started?

Read on to learn what factors to consider while revamping your dental office design.

1. Safety

When dreaming up your dental clinic design, the first thing you need to consider is safety. Safety is not only crucial to your patient's health, but it's also a legal obligation, too. You have a duty to provide for your patient's care.

With that in mind, learn what OSHA standards apply, and ensure you adhere to them. Your dentist office floor plans need to include things like emergency exits. You also need to ensure there's a specific X-ray area, too.

2. Functionality

Safety is paramount, but you want your dental clinic design to be functional, too.

For example, a sterile reception area is nice to have, but it won't attract clients. Instead, it might make parents with young children feel uneasy. They may not feel comfortable letting their children relax while they wait.

Good dental design and architecture balances safety with functionality. A quality reception area will be clean, but it will also promote play. You could add kid's toys, books, or even iPads.

3. Comfort and Fun

Speaking of kid's toys, you do need to consider the preferences of children. Your office will primarily serve children, after all. So, how can you create an atmosphere of comfort and fun for your patients?

You can achieve this through the use of colors, music, or even awesome themes. Captivating a child's imagination is important and can help ease their anxiety. Don't be afraid to think outside of the box.

4. The Parent's Needs Matter, Too

While you will mostly serve children, the parent's needs matter, too. Consider how they will need to speak one-on-one with the dentist. What will distract their kiddos during that time? Can you create a play area for a patient's siblings so parents can focus on the patient?

By easing a parent's concerns, you'll be creating the best pediatric environment possible.

Creating the Best Pediatric Dental Office Design

The best pediatric dental office design promotes good healthy habits. It's safe and functional, but also comfortable and fun. It takes into consideration the needs of the patient, parents, and your staff, too.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the whole process? Are you not sure how to incorporate these factors into your dental architecture? If so, then it might be time to consult with the experts.

Leave your contact information on our online form now to hear back from our designers. Together, we'll create the best pediatric dental office design you can imagine!

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