What Paint Colors Are Best for a Medical Office Accent Wall?

What Paint Colors Are Best for a Medical Office Accent Wall?

September 15, 2023 - Arminco Inc.

You should want your medical office to be a calm and quiet place. Painting an office accent wall blue can help facilitate this type of office. Yes, several situations have shown that placing blue lights in certain areas can reduce crime.

Many "color psychology" experts also believe that red makes people hungry, yellow promotes mental activity, and more. However, color psychology isn't the only thing you should think about when choosing wall colors. They also need to look good with all other present colors. 

Are you interested in picking the right accent wall color? If so, read on. 

Using Color Psychology 

Color psychology is the study of how colors affect human emotions. It forms the foundation of the practice of color therapy. Several brands also use color on their logos to influence customers. 

It's a good idea to use the findings of this science to inspire your medical office design. This can improve the patient experience. You can also use color to best represent your company. 

Effects Patients 

To choose the right color using color psychology, consider your purpose first. What do you want your patients to experience? You may want them to be calmer and/or heal faster. Blue and pink facilitate the former effect and green can facilitate the latter. 

Effects Branding 

You should also think about representing your medical office in the best way. Think about what adjective you want customers to use when they describe your medical office. For example, you may want people to associate it with vitality (green). 

Using Color Theory 

The foundation of color theory is more art than science. It is based on the relationships between colors. This includes mixing colors and how colors visually affect each other. 

The latter is most important for choosing wall colors. Do you want your accent wall to stand out or not? You can learn how to get either effect with color theory. 

Complimentary Colors 

To start, you need to learn how a color wheel works. Colors that are across from each other on this are complementary. They will cause each other to stand out. 

Analogous Colors

Still, patients in medical offices may not appreciate so much excitement. You may want to choose analogous colors instead. These are the colors that neighbor each other on the color wheel. 

Analogous colors should look great with each other. However, they won't cause an exciting contrast. 

Office Furnishings, Decorations, Etc. 

Make sure that you also consider the colors of your office furnishings, decorations, etc. as well. The more these work within a complementary, analogous, or another color scheme, the better. 

We'll Design Your Office Accent Wall 

In summary, you want an office accent wall color that makes your patients feel the "right" way and represents your business in the "right" way. At the same time, this color also has to have a good relationship with any other colors that are present. 

Are you having trouble deciding on the right color? If so, consider employing our medical office design services. We regularly help medical practices design and construct their office buildings. 

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