What Designs Make the Best Pediatric Dentist Office?

What Designs Make the Best Pediatric Dentist Office?

February 26, 2021 - Arminco Inc.

A good pediatric dental office will feel welcoming to children. The best way to make children feel welcome is by designing a space of comfort.

A design that inspires comfort has to be functional, fun, and slightly whimsical. There will be a balance of professionalism and playfulness. This will ease both the children and their parents.

The latest trend in pediatric offices is to create an all-around satisfactory experience. This article will give you tips for creating the best pediatric dentist office design.

Tip 1: Create Space

A common pediatric dentist's office will fill the space with stuff: toys, games, books, video games, etc. This is not a bad thing. However, kids don't only want to play with items, but they want space to move around. This is especially true if they have anxious energy or may not enjoy trips to the dentist.

Create enough space in your offices for the family to find corners together and for children to play. This will provide kids with the opportunity to stretch out, move around, and use the space creatively.

Tip 2: Display Color

Color is usually white in the doctor's office. But nowadays, if your office caters to younger children, then there is a trend to display bold color schemes. Often, you'll find these colors have certain themes: underwater, volcanic, forests.

The bold colors and themes provide a welcome distraction for children. The patterns and stories on the wall come to life as they wait for their turn with the dentist or doctor.

Keep in mind that these color schemes are often minimalistic. So, only a few dominant colors are chosen and those are widely dispersed throughout the office. Adding light features, wood, or interesting carpet can add another dimension.

Tip 3: Use Fun Furniture

A good pediatric dentist office design should definitely have children and adult-sized furniture in the waiting room. There are plenty of commercial companies that create stools, benches, and chairs for children.

Consider adding in fun corners, nooks, and partitions for interest. You can add colorful chairs that match your walls to maintain a pattern.

Also, make sure your group adult and kid-sized seating together so that the parents can stay close to their children.

Tip 4: Incorporate Technology

You can add a technology station in your waiting room. Here you can offer video games on child-friendly TV stations while they wait. You can also consider adding a TV in your treatment room to keep the attention of children away from the procedure.

Tip 5: Disguise Equipment

If you have medical equipment in treatment rooms, consider adding decorations. This will decrease the fear that children have of the equipment. You can also soundproof materials and display unobtrusive instruments.

It may also be best to remove any specialized equipment until it is actually used in the procedure.

The Best Pediatric Dentist Office Designs

We hope you enjoyed these tips for the best pediatric dentist office designs. Here are some more dos and don'ts if you're interested in learning more.

Do you want some help designing your project? We can help you make sure it's a smashing success. Get in touch with us today!

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