Upgrade Your Vet Clinic: Top 4 Design Ideas for Inspiration

Upgrade Your Vet Clinic: Top 4 Design Ideas for Inspiration

November 11, 2022 - Arminco Inc.

Pet owners typically visit the vet at least once per year. However, that's if everything goes as planned - and we know life doesn't always go as planned.

If a pet gets injured or sick, the pet and the owner will be visiting the vet clinic much more than just once per year.

Since that's the case, it's important that your veterinary clinic design takes that into consideration! You want your pet owners to keep coming back.

Here are a few vet clinic design ideas to improve your space.

1. Modernize the Space

If you are thinking about making changes to your veterinary clinic design, you should definitely consider modernizing the space to improve patient experience (as well as your own!).

So how can you do this?

Try to maximize the amount of natural light you let in through windows and doors. You should also have LED lighting in the vet clinic to make it bright and more modern.

You should also consider adding different decorative elements in the interior design that create a better environment for veterinarians and clients, like wall panels.

2. Add Nature to the Space

Your animals love the outdoors, and you may love the outdoors, too!

Because of that, adding nature to the space can increase happiness in the vet, especially if clients are under stress when they first enter. Since nature is great for our overall health, adding it to the clinic would be beneficial for both the animals and the people who enter.

Consider adding plants and greenery into the space as well as decorative elements that bring the outdoors in like nature wall art or a decorative waterfall that can sit on the reception desk.

3. Keep Noise in Mind

When resigning the veterinary clinic design, you want to keep the noises that happen at the vet in mind. For instance, trimming nails, having dogs get up on the scale, and barking can add to the stress that people and animals may feel at a vet clinic.

To reduce this, it would be beneficial to make sure that you design the space to reduce traveling noise. For instance, you can add extra insulation in the walls when redesigning to reduce the noise. You can also add curtains and even add more decor to absorb the sounds in the vet office.

4. Maximize the Workflow

One of the most important aspects to consider is how the vet techs and the clients will move throughout the vet clinic.

Part of considering this would be to figure out what makes the most sense, what works logistically, and what would maximize the workflow to increase revenue and decrease stress.

To decide how to maximize the workflow of the vet design, you must consider what types of animals you see most often, how busy you are on a typical day, and what types of services you offer. With that in mind, you can cater the space for maximum workflow!

Upgrade Your Vet Clinic

When it comes time to upgrade your vet clinic, you want to ensure you are maximizing the space with these top four design ideas.

With this inspiration, you'll have a great vet office in no time!

If you are ready for the redesign process, contact us at Arminico so we can help you with the process!

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