Top Tips for Designing the Perfect Pediatric Office

Top Tips for Designing the Perfect Pediatric Office

January 07, 2022 - Arminco Inc.

There are many factors that go into building an exceptional pediatric practice. Your attitude towards your patients, your medical education, and the tools and equipment you use are all important.

But what many medical practitioners don't realize is that there is another big factor that you need to consider - the decor of your office!

Your pediatric office decor is especially important when your patients are children. Children are often afraid of visiting the doctor or the dentist. And the harsh, sterile, uninviting environments do nothing to ease their fear.

You can change that! With the right decor, you can help your patients feel safe and comfortable whenever they visit. Soon, they'll be eager to return for their next check-up!

But what if you don't have a good eye for interior design? What if you don't know how to properly decorate your pediatric medical office?

Don't worry. We're here to help. Here are the top tips for designing the perfect pediatric office.

Be Vibrant & Colorful

You want your patients to feel comfortable and welcomed into your space. So, using bright colors and fun patterns in your office decoration will go a long way. Children love colors!

Try painting your walls in different colors or adding interesting or funny murals for patients and parents to enjoy. Consider choosing exciting patterns and designs for the office furniture.

You can also include ways for your visitors to pass the time in the waiting room. Think about including books, magazines, interactive games, or even an aquarium!

Consider Your Furniture

Remember, you're servicing little ones! Many of your patients will not be the right size for the standard waiting room furniture.

Putting in child-friendly pediatric office furniture shows that you have considered their needs and are welcoming children into your space. It can be a way of showing respect to your patients and treating them like little people with needs of their own.

Keep It Safe

If you service very young children, you have to be sure that there is little to no way that they could harm themselves in your office. Otherwise, your services might be needed in more ways!

Watch out for electrical outlets, sharp corners on tables and furniture, and heavy items that could topple over. Child-proofing your pediatrician's office will go a long way to ensure you won't have more work on your hands than you need!

Be Aware of Privacy

Many children can be shy and anxious, especially in a medical office. It can be a stressful time for them and their parents or guardians.

Make sure that you design the space - both the waiting room and the examination rooms, to be as private yet welcoming as possible. You don't want it to feel cramped and claustrophobic. There should be space for patients and parents to retreat from others if they need to.

Ask for Feedback

A simple way to make sure that you're doing well with your design is to ask your patients and parents what they think. You can use online reviews or a comment card. Pay attention to what people are requesting and think about how to implement those requests in a helpful way.

Learn More About Designing the Perfect Pediatric Office

You no longer have to fret over your pediatric office design! With these tips, your patients will feel comfortable and at ease in your pediatric office, and they'll be excited to return!

Contact us to learn more about the best design for your pediatric office!

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