Top Design Considerations for Vet Offices

Top Design Considerations for Vet Offices

March 10, 2023 - Arminco Inc.

When your patients are human, it's easy to walk through a medical office and assess the environment from their perspective. A first impression can be a little more challenging when your patients have tails, whiskers, and wings. 

Short of crawling on your hands and knees, how can you know you've taken everything into consideration when designing your veterinary clinic?

At Arminco, we're experts at meeting local, state, and national AVMA regulations for vet offices and exceeding clients' expectations, regardless of how many legs they have. We'll help guide you as you design a practical, welcoming environment that meets your patients' unique needs. 

Read on to learn the top things we consider when designing veterinary office spaces for our satisfied clients across the United States. 

Reception Area

The reception area in your office needs to make a good first impression. Humans like to see an organized space that is clean, comfortable, and easy to navigate.

Anxious pets need a calm environment with few distractions and zero clutter. After all, if a nervous animal enters the exam room, that misplaced energy trickles down to the staff. We'll build in waiting areas that make it easy for animals to isolate or release their pent-up energy. 

Exam and Consulting Rooms

Animals read human energy. We'll help design examination and consulting spaces that make your human clients feel at ease, so pets stay relaxed.

Small details like seating and space to place belongings make a difference. When "pet parents" feel welcome, they know their animals are in good hands. 

Previous clients have told us horror stories about pets vanishing into drop ceilings and crawl spaces and hiding out for weeks! We'll design an inherently pet-friendly space without hidey-holes or escape routes. 

Other considerations include the correct number of examination rooms for a growing practice. We'll consult with you about how much space you need to treat your largest patients comfortably. Details like examination tables and up-to-date equipment matter, and we'll help you plan for success.

A Welcoming Atmosphere

A welcoming atmosphere will set your office apart. We understand the psychology of physical spaces and can help create calm with thoughtful, deliberate design. 

Here are a few elements that make pet parents feel welcome:

  • Natural materials
  • Windows and natural light
  • Breathing room
  • Clutter-free functional storage space
  • Outdoor play areas for pets
  • Clear signage and branding

A veterinary clinic may be a medical office, but your clients don't want it to feel that way. The right design choices can subvert expectations to help maintain tranquility. 

When both human and furry visitors feel safe, you can do your job with less frustration.

Arminco Knows What Vet Offices Need

When you're ready to design new vet offices, you deserve to work with a firm that understands the unique needs of your space. Arminco has worked with thousands of practitioners to design functional, pleasant veterinary facilities nationwide. We assure you that every tail will be wagging once your patients notice our attention to the field-specific details that really matter.

We're ready to discuss your office design, construction, and project management needs. Contact Arminco today to make your ideal veterinary office a reality. 

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