Time for a Design Makeover! Doctor’s Office Upgrades You Need to Know

Time for a Design Makeover! Doctor’s Office Upgrades You Need to Know

December 31, 2021 - Arminco Inc.

Did you know that how your practice is designed can affect the moods of your patients? Not only that, but everyone loves a good makeover. And medical practices are one area that can often be overlooked as time passes when it comes to aesthetic updates.

The best place to start is identifying the needs of your doctor's office or practice, determining how many patients you see, and figuring out what you think they need. Makeovers are great ways to increase the general aesthetics of a space. They also help to increase efficiency through the use of design, and promote a turn in the right direction to modernity.

Keep in mind that healthcare is rapidly changing. This should not just be true about healthcare practices and the techniques used within them. This should also relate to upgrading your practice in ways of technology and aesthetic design.

Keep reading as we cover some fun design ideas for your practice.

Strategic Branding

More practices will find success in presenting their brand and what they do in the right places. If you have a certain name, or logo for your practice, throw that into your theme. Having a statement front desk that features more modern touches and that highlights your practice can affect not only how your front area looks but also how your patients feel when they walk through the door.

Contemporary Decor and Illumination

Your hallways should complement the rest of your office. Add modern and contemporary touches along the walls with decals or paint choices. Also, consider illuminating your hallways from the floors to the ceiling and not just the ceiling itself.

Bring in Some Nature

Nature promotes a relaxing environment. However, it's also a great way to please the eyes of your patients and relieve stress without trying too hard.

Have a Meditation Room

Promoting mindfulness can be a huge addition to some practices. If you have an extra room, consider turning it into a meditation room for your patients and even your staff to use. Soundproof the walls, throw in modern seating, and complete the look with a fun, yet calming design.

Smart Devices in a Doctor’s Office

Ever thought about utilizing smart technology in your clinic? Having some sort of smart technology in your clinic can decrease wait times for patients and promote a modern approach within your practice.

It can help with productivity by checking in your patients efficiently, and decreasing unnecessary contact during times such as COVID-19 with patients checking in and out.

Waiting Room Upgrades

Waiting room upgrades in a doctor’s office are often overlooked, and they shouldn’t be. This is where your patients may spend the most time so you want to promote comfort and satisfaction. If you have a pediatrics practice, try expanding on furniture functionality and using themed seating or having modern entertainment and activities available for children, and the same for their parents.

Also, consider differently styled and shaped seating other than the general types that you see in a doctor's office waiting room.

Relocate Those Exam Rooms if You Can

Most doctors' offices don't realize that having their exam rooms placed along a long hallway is decreasing their productivity. This is due to excessive “in-clinic travel”.

A design that supports having exam rooms right across from each other can increase productivity by lessening the time that physicians have to walk in between patients. And it can promote better patient briefing delivery between the doctor and other clinical staff.

Time to Make Some Changes

Incorporate these design changes and watch the moods of your patients and even your staff begin to shift. Keep in mind that a functional office is great, but a well-designed one can drive satisfaction. Medicine itself is ever-changing, and your practice should travel into the future along with it.

Here’s a good rule of thumb: Whenever a doctor’s office updates its workflow or the medical techniques it uses, update your actual clinic’s space in the same way.

Ready to get started and to have a little fun with design? Here is where you start.

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