Three Modern Styles of Dental Office Design

Three Modern Styles of Dental Office Design

January 21, 2022 - Arminco Inc.

There's a difference between a dental office that's busy and one that's productive. A busy office can be good for business, with lots of patients in the waiting room. But a productive office is better for business because your staff can get more work done in less time, keeping them from falling behind.

Seriously thinking about your dental office design is the first step in making sure your office is not just busy, but productive. Modern dental office design is sleek and bright, a welcoming environment for your patients, and user-friendly for your staff. Check out these three examples to see what's possible when building or remodeling your office.

#1: Open & Bright

Modern spaces tend to be bright, open affairs. The openness helps give the dental office a clean look and a seamless flow, from reception to the waiting room to the treatment area.

Glass is useful in creating such a space, with large windows to the outside and glass-enclosed treatment spaces. A Venetian blind can be installed so the patient can be treated in a private environment when desired.

Skylights can also enhance openness and offer the patient a window to the outside as they lay back, distracting them from a procedure that may not be the highlight of their day.

#2: Unique Shapes

Who says dental offices need those hard edges? Why not design yours with a unique perspective?

You can remove the harshness of your dental office by designing it with softer lines, including circles. The flow this creates makes it easier for patients to relax while they wait for their check-up or procedure.

And you can incorporate soft curves on the outside of your building, as well. Even if the exterior is built in the shape of a square, try having your windows inset into circular shapes.

#3: Kid-Friendly

If you need a pediatric dental office design, there are lots of fun things you can do. Start with the color scheme, making it colorful and vibrant. Kids don't respond well to off-white and drab grays.

The furniture is another way to stay kid-friendly. Make sure the chairs and tables are lower to the ground than standard adult furniture, and maybe have a couple of beanbag chairs in your waiting room.

Safety is a huge factor when thinking about kids. Make sure your seating is soft and comfortable and avoid hard, sharp edges on your tables. If you expect to have very young children in your office, you should have electrical outlet protectors in all unused sockets so a little finger or toy can't be shoved in.

Comfort and Style in Dental Office Design

Let's face it. Going to the dentist is a necessary evil, not usually fun. But if your dental office design is welcoming and incorporates modern design elements, it can ease some of the stress and anxiety your patients' experience.

These are just a few of the many ways you can design your dental office, whether you're building a new one or remodeling your existing one. Take a look at all the design choices Arminco Inc. has to offer!

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