The Latest Trends in Dental Architecture

The Latest Trends in Dental Architecture

October 31, 2022 - Arminco Inc.

Recent studies indicate that over 60 percent of adults ages 18 and older haven't seen a dentist in the past year. It's no secret that many people avoid seeing a dentist, and the reasons will vary from financial stress to a simple fear of dentists.

Dentists can mitigate this fear and draw more people in with a simple design change. Innovations in dental architecture have led to a more welcoming feel and a comforting space for patients.

By the time you finish reading this article, you will understand a few changes you can make to your dental architecture that will help your patients feel welcome.

Open and Airy Designs

Sitting in a dentist's chair creates a bit of a claustrophobic feel, with a dentist and hygienist along with other assistants closing in on a patient. Thus, a brighter, open architecture reduces this closed-in feel.

Furthermore, as businesses begin to lean toward more tech-friendly environments, dental offices need to follow suit. They should have displays that allow patients to see their teeth on a monitor. This will help patients understand the necessary dental procedures.

Consider modifying your treatment rooms as well so you have a less enclosed room. Instead, you can create a suite that has an outdoor seating area with sliding doors. Patients can wait outdoors and relax in the fresh air before their procedure.

This dental office design maximizes nature to help patients relax.

Kid-Friendly Designs

To attract families to your dental practice, you need to have a space where kids feel comfortable. You do not have to have an overload of design and colors to create a kid-friendly design. Instead, create a simple space with fun chairs or a simple play area in the waiting room.

You could also create a kids' corner with tablets on the wall, headphones, and books. Cool colors like blue, green, and purpose help calm children. So as you look into dental clinic designs, keep these colors in mind for your waiting room.

Natural Light

Incorporate as much natural light as possible. Such light will boost moods and stimulate some energy while calming and relaxing your patients. Install larger windows and skylights in your new dental clinic interior design.

The right windows and design can allow natural light to fill your waiting area and workspaces.

Bright and Simple

Keep your designs simple and bright. Think about raising the ceilings and using vaulted ceilings in your waiting areas. This will maximize the space, even if your floor plan is small.

Pick a light, bright color scheme. Go with modern colors like whites, creams, and grays. Focus on colors that will relax your clients.

Then think about the flow of your office. Focus on a design that allows for ease of movement from one space to the next. Such ease will help your patients to feel calm as they move from one open space to another as opposed to navigating a labyrinth of halls to get from one room to the next.

A qualified designer will help you create the perfect design for your dentist office. Trust their instincts when looking at designs and colors.

Update Your Dental Architecture

A few small changes to your dental architecture can make the world of difference to your patients. Even just changing the color scheme will calm patients and help them feel more secure.

Do you want a new design for your dental office? If so, contact us. Our design experts will help you put together the best design for your office.

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