Rethinking Your Clinic's Aesthetics: A Guide to Modern Doctor's Office Design

Rethinking Your Clinic's Aesthetics: A Guide to Modern Doctor's Office Design

April 09, 2021 - Arminco Inc.

Are you looking to update your doctor's office design but aren't sure where to start?

It's difficult to know where to begin when it comes to designing something that appeals to patients. Every patient is different, so how do you cater to them all? Luckily, there are several modern design aspects that are always a winning combination.

We've collected the best doctor's office design ideas down below so that you have all the inspiration you need to build something beautiful!

Large Windows

When coming up with a design for a doctor's office, you want to focus on adding a lot of natural elements. Humans feel calmer and more at ease when they're surrounded by nature, even while sitting indoors. This is why modern office designs work on adding as much of nature into their spaces as possible.

Large windows are the perfect accompaniment to this idea. They allow a lot of natural light into the office while also giving your patients a beautiful view of the outdoors. When possible, try to go for wall-to-floor windows to get the most out of this effect.

LED Lighting

When it's time to turn on the lights, LED lights are the best choice. Fluorescent lights have a small and constant flicker that irritates our senses. Fluorescent lights even cause headaches when we're exposed to their brightness for long enough.

LED lights are easy on the eyes, never flicker while they're on, and they're a durable option that keeps going for a long time.

Water Features

Water fountains and aquariums add a soothing quality to any doctor office design. Not only do they look beautiful but they also add the sounds of nature into the office. This helps lower stress and is a nice backdrop to a doctor's visit.

If you do include a water feature in your design, make sure to switch out the water at regular intervals. This ensures that the water is always clear and doesn't create a bad smell in the office.

Verdant Plants

There's no better way to include a dash of nature into your design than by including a lot of healthy real-life plants. Fake plants don't give the same effect as real ones, no matter how high their quality.

Try to add plants of various sizes so that the design doesn't look too stagnant. For example, a small potted plant on a receptionist's desk contrasts well with the large leafy plant in the corner of the waiting room. Give your patients a hint of the outdoors by bringing some of these beautiful specimens into your office!

The Perfect Doctor's Office Design Begins With a Professional Touch

With the help of this guide, you'll have a much better understanding of what works best in your doctor's office design. It's always the patient's wellbeing we have in mind, and all of these ideas work together to create a welcoming atmosphere. It makes everyone in the office feel comfortable and at ease no matter how hectic things may get.

To achieve an office that's unique, warm, and successful, don't hesitate to contact us today! We'll help you find the right balance in your medical office design.

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