Pediatric Dental Office Design: Tips to Cater to Both Kids and Adults

Pediatric Dental Office Design: Tips to Cater to Both Kids and Adults

December 04, 2020 - Arminco inc.

Is it time for a dental office revamp? As our businesses develop we occasionally need a good rebranding. Part of that rebranding comes via an interior design remodel.

When you're catering to both adults and children you have to be careful. Pediatric dental office design can lean too childlike for some adults, but a sterile dental office can be threatening to small children who may still be afraid of the dentist.

So what do you do?

We've got a few ideas. Keep reading for a few pediatric dental office design tips for catering to kids and adults alike.

Distractions: Tidy but Fun

Distractions in the dentist's office are key to keeping nervous children (and adults) calm, cool, and collected prior to their appointments.

That said, a cluttered space full of toys can be uncomfortable for any grown-ups in the room. So what do you do?

Make sure that any toys are able to be contained in one area. They should also be sanitized regularly. Activity tables are a great choice for this.

They're educational for the children and they keep the fun in one spot. Having a designated play area that's separate is also a good choice. These areas can be in an open corner or in a room with windowed walls.

It's also a good idea to have books and magazines for children and adults. Activity books that don't require drawing or writing (such as I Spy), short picture books, and a few magazines for adults are enough to keep your patients entertained without making a mess. Keep them on tables between every seating area.

The Importance of Walls

When some people think of children's decorations they think of loud and bold colors. While these may work for children alone, they can be stressful for adults.

If you're opting for colors, consider pastel versions.

Having a mural or large painting is a great way to have a colorful accent wall that can entertain the kids while being a nice thing to look at for the adults. The mural can be educational, sporting different animals and plants with descriptions underneath, or even an "eye spy" game.

Decorations can be functional and a real part of the waiting room experience.

TV: Bring It Into the Procedure Room

Many pediatric dental offices have televisions in the waiting area to entertain children and adults, but bringing the TV into the room where any checkups or procedures are going to take place is a great way to keep children calm.

These TVs can be placed in such a way that children are looking up at them while getting their regular cleanings, getting cavities filled, or even getting braces put on.

If your office also serves adults they can also benefit from the television. After all, dental anxiety isn't just for kids!

Pediatric Dental Office Design: Kid-Friendly, Parent-Approved

Pediatric dental office design is crucial to your young patients' experiences. A good design can help with their dental anxiety and help to put parents at ease.

Your dental office doesn't have to be a playland to appeal to children. Smooth, modern, mature designs can be modified to suit even the youngest patients.

Ready to update your pediatric dental office design? We want to help. Visit our site to learn about how we can give you the design upgrade that you need.

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