Pediatric Dental Office Design: How to Create a Stress-Free Space

Pediatric Dental Office Design: How to Create a Stress-Free Space

December 22, 2023 - Arminco Inc.

Around 36% of the American population have dental anxiety and children are no exception. 

Making a comfortable pediatric dentist's office is vital because it motivates kids to take care of their oral health. But if you're unsure which areas of the office to tackle, it's difficult to find out what is and isn't working. 

If you need help with your pediatric dental office design, you've come to the right place. Read on to learn more. 

Plan a Playful Waiting Room

End a child's fear of the dentist by providing an engaging and playful waiting room. This is your only chance to create a good first impression, which explains why you often see colorful decor and interactive games in pediatric dentist offices. Waiting rooms can also feature a TV complete with kid-friendly movies as it helps relieve dental anxiety. 

Design Kid-Specific Treatment Rooms

Going to the dentist can be daunting for children, so put them at ease with kid-specific treatment rooms. You could paint the walls a vibrant color and throw down a patterned carpet to add visual warmth to the room. It's also important to have an extra chair so that parents can stay close to their little one during the appointment. 

Add Ceiling Decorations 

Another way to create an inviting dental office for kids is to add decorations on the ceiling. As children look up while in the chair, it makes sense to add a captivating ceiling design to distract them throughout the appointment. For instance, hang a mobile or paint a mural to create a playful space. 

Invest in Child-Appropriate Dental Equipment 

When visiting a dentist for kids, parents expect to see child-appropriate dental equipment, so that it's less intimidating. Dentists can also do this by using gentle tools that will help little ones feel at ease. Although it sounds simple, children will feel less overwhelmed visiting the dentist in the long run.  

Get Kid-Sized Furniture 

Pediatrician dental offices should also feature kid-sized furniture. From the waiting area to the treatment room, make sure that the pieces revolve around kids. This means finding appropriately sized seating alongside low sinks and counters.  

Don't Forget the Hallways 

During the office design phase, many professionals forget hallways, but it determines how kids will feel during their visit.

If there are winding hallways, make them less intimidating by putting up photos of smiley kids or drawings from patients. You can even ask kids to share a drawing so that they feel more connected to the practice and feel less anxious

Focus on Pediatric Dental Office Design Today

Now that you have an idea about pediatric dental office design, it's time to start the process. 

To make it a stress-free place, consider designing an engaging waiting room and treatment rooms for kids. Dentists should also invest in appropriate furniture and tools to help relieve anxiety. Good luck!

At Arminco Inc., we handle office design so that healthcare professionals can focus on their patients. Contact us today and we'll help you start the designing process. 

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