Optimize Your Medical Office Design with Calming Colors: A Guide

Optimize Your Medical Office Design with Calming Colors: A Guide

July 29, 2022 - Arminco Inc.

Color is all about setting the mood.

It has been proven that colors impact a person's mood and behavior. This makes the choice of office colors essential to setting the right tone for your patients.

Are you having trouble deciding on the right color palette for your medical office?

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the best color choices for medical office design!

Colors in Medical Office Designs

Medical offices are rarely spaces that call for a kaleidoscope of bright colors. More often, warm, welcoming and soothing colors are preferred, to make sure patients feel relaxed during their time in your office. Here are some of the preferred and appropriate hues for a medical office.


The color blue, closely associated with serenity and calm, is a great option in any medical, veterinary, or dental clinic. There is a wide range of blues to choose from, from light blue to aqua to navy. This gives you the chance to create a unique space that still conveys a tranquil, soothing vibe, no matter which shade of blue you choose.


Gray is a soothing color but is often thought of as too cold or serious. Because of this, it is often overlooked as a potential color for a medical office. Grays with yellow or red undertones are warm and inviting and are great colors to achieve a relaxing mood in your space. It also pairs well with both lighter and more vibrant colors for a chic two-toned office look.


Looking for a natural, comforting feel in your medical office? Brown is a great choice for medical and dental office interiors! It's a relaxing color that creates a warm, welcoming vibe that can help put everyone at ease. A versatile color with a large selection of shades and tones, brown mixes and matches well with many different furniture styles and finishes.


Because green is the color that is most closely associated with nature, it inspires a harmonious and peaceful office environment. The shades of green you choose can also have an impact on the mood of your office. The lighter shades evoke feelings of tranquility, while brighter shades of green infuse a space with vitality and positivity. Green can be used throughout your office space or used sparingly as an accent color.


Don't turn away from using purple in your medical office! Purple is a great option when it comes to medical and dental clinic design. There are so many different shades of purple that add elegance and a modern feel to your office. Lavender and plum shades are popular choices, but brighter shades also work for an accent wall or as an exciting pop of color.

The Best in Medical Office Design

Our medical office color guide will help you make the right choice whether you are planning for a new medical office or are renovating an existing one.

Our team at Arminco Inc. specializes in the design of medical, dental, and veterinary clinics and offices. Contact our expert team for all of your medical office design needs!

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