Modern and Inviting: 2020 Trends in Medical Office Design

Modern and Inviting: 2020 Trends in Medical Office Design

August 28, 2020 - Arminco Inc.

You stay on top of the latest healthcare techniques—but what about the space you practice them in?

Medical design can change the experience for both your healthcare practitioners as well as for patients. From electronic check-ins to more sustainable features like energy-efficient lighting, there are a number of design trends that are gaining popularity in 2020.

Read on to learn more about how you can improve your medical office design to make it more inviting and efficient...

Check-In Kiosks

Lining up to check in with a live attendant can be a time-consuming process for patients, and take away from staff resources.

A touch-screen check-in can cut down on staff time needed to onboard a patient, and collect all of the necessary data to move forward with an appointment. At these electronic kiosks, patients can also update their personal information and complete healthcare questionnaires.

Treatment Room Partitions

Since space is a premium in office buildings, healthcare services can make better use of it with quick partitions. These could be in the form of prefabricated partitions or wheeled partitions. It allows you to retract or extend the walls to create more than one exam or treatment room.

As well as constructing multiple exam rooms within one bigger space, intentional medical design can also create multiple uses for the same area. For example, instead of examining a patient in one room and moving them to another to be treated, the same space can be used for diagnosis and healthcare delivery.

Another trend is converting spaces that are ordinarily used for storage into an imaging room, for example. There are likely a number of areas within your office that could be easily re-purposed for the benefit of patient service. Consider the possibilities: a conference room that isn't used often could become an on-site pharmacy.

Greater Sustainability

More often than ever, the environmental impact of office space is becoming an important consideration. However, there are some 2020 trends that are addressing these issues now and into the future.

For example, many medical office designs are replacing fluorescent lighting with LEDs, which lasts longer and uses much less power.

Meanwhile, touchscreens aren't the only technology that can improve efficiency. Incorporating an in-house server to house patient data can speed up access for staff, while also drastically reducing the need for paper.

Meanwhile, more practices are bringing in plants to the office space. Not only can live plants help to purify the indoor air, but they also create a greater sense of calm for patients and staff alike.

Medical Design Makes a Difference

When it comes to the patient experience, as well as creating an efficient space for staff, medical design is an important consideration.

From using automated technology like touchscreens to speed up the patient intake to installing retractable partitions that can allow more patients to be treated, there are a number of medical office design ideas that are becoming more common in 2020.

To learn more about how we can improve the design of your medical or dental office, contact us today.

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