Interior Design Playing a Big Role in Healthcare

Interior Design Playing a Big Role in Healthcare

June 11, 2019 - Arminco Inc.

Swedish Covenant Health has opened a new clinic with crystal chandeliers, a bar stocked with infused waters and teas rich in antioxidants, and a row of bistro tables!

This new trend is becoming more and more relevant in clinics and health centers in order to attract and retain more patients and even skilled physicians. Organizations rooted in inpatient care are now building new outpatient sites with aesthetic improvements in response to pressure for lower-cost treatment settings.

Interior Design Playing a Big Role in Healthcare


High-end design touches don’t really add much to the overall cost of such projects. Randy Guillot, principal and global health and wellness leader at Gensler which worked on the new professional building for Cook County Health, Chicago's public health system, explained that it’s not about spending more money, but about being smarter and doing more with less.

With fierce market competition and the shift from volume- to value-based care, design is now seen more as an experience rather than simply aesthetics. Gillian Ryan, president and CEO of ROLD Design, emphasizes that one cannot create positive patient experience by just adding color and decor. There are many more factors that will contribute to a positive patient experience, such as a smooth booking process.

Steve Blyce, creative director and associate director of healthcare at Chicago-based Legat Architects, said that while many firms will claim to design with the patients in mind, it is equally important to keep the staff in mind as well.

Multi-use spaces that allow programs to evolve over time are the fastest-growing market segment. There are more than 20 coffee shops and restaurants in Northwestern Medicine’s campus in Downtown Chicago which provide additional revenue that can help offset operating expenses.

Anthony Guaccio, Swedish Covenant CEO explained that he wishes for the Swedish Covenant Health to become more of a community where people can simply have a cup of coffee and connect to the internet rather than just a place for seeing your doctor.

To find more design inspiration for healthcare offices, be sure to visit our portfolio at Arminco Inc.


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