How to Make Your Medical Office More Inviting

How to Make Your Medical Office More Inviting

June 25, 2021 - Arminco Inc.

Three percent of the U.S. population has a fear of doctors, while many others also face intense anxiety around doctor visits.

Do you remember the last time you felt discomfort while waiting for a nurse to call your name for the appointment? Thousands of others face this unease the moment they walk into a medical or dental office.

The good news is you can create a medical office design that alleviates the discomfort and puts your clients at ease.

We are here to share a few easy design tricks that add homeliness to your office. Continue reading for our four design tips that will help build better client-doctor relationships the moment someone steps through the door.

1. Choose Medical Office Design Colors Wisely

The best thing you can do for creating dental architecture is picking colors with intention and sticking to a cohesive palette.

Any good designer will use color psychology to create the mood of a space. This is no different for medical office design. It may be even more important as every part of this design should create ease and comfort for your patients.

Some peace-inducing colors to create a cohesive palette include:

  • Soft pinks
  • Light grays
  • Greens and blues to mimic nature

Select a primary color and two secondary colors to build a calm color scheme for the office.

2. Cover Blanks Walls and Floors

A blank wall or floor space ruins a well-thought-out doctor office design, as it creates a feeling of emptiness. You want your clients to feel at home through the selected dental architecture, which means filling up spaces that can feel like a void.

The simplest solution to add to your dental office or pediatric dental office design is adding wall art and rugs to the mix!

An easy-to-clean rug would fit well in the waiting room, creating a prominent area for a client to sit down and relax in a living room-like space. Quirky or calming wall art allows your walls to become valuable square feet.

Try adding a woven rug in the waiting room and a set of three nature canvases to the walls. You immediately create a natural yet comfortable area for your clients to wait for their appointments.

3. Pick Easy Decor to Clean

When building a dental office design, you will probably find a few chairs and a side table to be sufficient. These are necessary items, though you should select cozy yet easy to clean pieces for the office.

A plastic folding chair makes your clients uncomfortable and anxious waiting for an appointment. A leather tub chair elevates the space and the comfort while also being easy to clean.

Look for furniture with fabrics that are easy to care for but designs that make the space feel intentional and not forgotten. A structured wood coffee table, a few leather chairs, and ambient lighting indicate that you thought of your clients' comfort.

4. Don't Forget the Entrance

Often, dental office design remains solely in the waiting room. You build a cohesive color scheme, fill it with furniture, and cover a table with magazines.

But the entrance in your medical office design is just as important.

The entrance should immediately instill a sense of calm and welcome. This could be as simple as adding:

  • Healthy greenery with potted plants
  • Console table with a welcome sign
  • Rug or welcome mat
  • Mirror to reflect light

These easy items make a medical office feel like a home space. That can ease a patient's nerves and start their visit off with a breath of fresh air — one that doesn't smell like a medical office.

Create a Comfortable Dental Office Design

A medical office design should center around the client experience from the moment they walk in the office door. Everything from a simple entryway and relaxing color palette to homey touches like rugs elevates the space and inspires ease.

Use the four tips above to build your next doctor office design.

Are you ready to make your office feel more like home? Click here to learn more about our architecture and design services for your medical office.

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