How to Design the Perfect Reception Area for Your Dental Office

How to Design the Perfect Reception Area for Your Dental Office

November 19, 2021 - Arminco Inc.

Making a great first impression is everything in relationships, but also important in businesses as well. When people walk into your office, the impression they receive will quickly inform them whether they walk out, or become a forever client.

Does your dental office interior design reflect this mindset? Is your reception area welcoming and hospitable to both regular and prospective clients?

If you need help designing the perfect reception area, here are some reception area ideas to improve your space.

1. Accessible

Your office reception area should be easily accessible for clients, patients, and customers. This area is where people begin their visit, so they need to be able to access it smoothly and efficiently. This is especially true if you process transactions, make appointments, fill out paperwork, and so forth.

When clients or patients walk into an office, they're usually flustered, worried, or concerned, and having to wander around looking for reception is likely to make them more unsettled. Make sure your reception area is free of obstacles and open.

2. Focal Point

From a design perspective, there are many areas of an office to consider as a focal point. However, the reception desk is one of the best because it allows it to stand out and be approachable.

When your reception area design is bold, people will not have a hard time wondering where to check it. You can make it a focal point in a lot of different ways: using a logo, a bold color, a decor piece, or anything that represents your office well.

3. Clean and Tidy

Of course, a reception area must be clean and tidy. Keeping it free from all clutter will allow you and the patients to work more streamlined and feel more comfortable. If patients see that the front areas are managed well in terms of cleanliness, they'll feel more confident about the rest of the office.

Be sure to incorporate easy ways to manage filth and clutter that accumulate in the reception area

4. Comfort

Sometimes patients wait for a long time, and they want to feel comfortable doing so. Does your waiting and reception area provide comforts and conveniences like coffee, reading materials, television, water, and more?

Some patients also bring children with them so it's important to have activities that keep children entertained while they wait.

5. Well-Lit

Walking into a dark office can be very intimidating and nerve-wracking, especially for people who are afraid to come to the dentist. This is why it's so important to have a well-lit area where people can see the space.

Keep the windows open for natural light to cut back on electric bills, or install LED lights that provide a natural feel. Avoid fluorescent bulbs if possible because it provides too much brightness for the space.

Dental Office Interior Design

When it comes to dental office interior design, you want the design to be welcoming and warming, while keeping everything running smoothly and efficiently. What ideas can you incorporate into your reception area design today?

Do you need assistance in designing your dental office or reception area? Contact our team of professionals to get your space working for you!

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