How to Bring Your Vision to Life With Healthcare Architecture Firms

How to Bring Your Vision to Life With Healthcare Architecture Firms

May 24, 2024 - Arminco Inc.

One of the trends in healthcare design and construction is designing for experience. This means health environments shouldn't just be welcoming. They must also be multi-use and focused on well-being. 

Another trend is all about investing in infrastructure to boost healthcare occupancies. Many investors are spending time repurposing buildings into healthcare spaces.  

Now, if you're planning to build a healthcare facility or upgrade your old one, choosing the right architecture firm is a must. That said, here are some tips on evaluating healthcare architecture firms to ensure your project's success.

Ask the Right Questions

Building a healthcare facility doesn't have to be challenging when you have the best team helping you. The problem is, how do you choose the best healthcare architecture professionals? 

While there's nothing wrong with searching online or getting recommendations, it's best to do your research. Once you have a shortlist of candidates, don't hesitate to interview them. 

Ask about their experience as a design professional. How long have they been practicing in their field? What projects have they completed, and how would they approach your project once you've explained your vision?

Be Sure About Communication, Fees, and Sustainability

During the interview, it's okay to talk about the finer points of architectural design. However, it's more important to figure out their project management style. 

First, ask them how they plan to communicate throughout the design process. Aside from emailing for quick updates, what software or platforms do they use to send renderings and videos

Next, find out how they structure their project design fees. Do they charge hourly, or do you need to pay a fixed fee or a certain percentage of the project cost? As the one handling the budget, you can't afford to get vague payment answers.

Lastly, remember sustainability. Ask about their strategies for incorporating environmentally-conscious features into your building design project. Don't forget that this will also help future-proof your healthcare facility.

Keeping up With the Trends in Healthcare Design and Construction

Experience is essential, no doubt, but it's also crucial to know the trends in your industry. The healthcare architecture firm you choose shouldn't only be aware of these trends. They must also actively integrate these shifts into projects.

For example, more hospitals are embracing a home-like atmosphere. This is because patients respond better to familiar and calming environments. Another trend is using antimicrobial raw materials for a building's structures to prevent infections.

There are loads more, such as advanced wayfinding, natural light, and greenery. You can check out your architectural firm's past projects to see how well they've incorporated these design elements.

Do You Need Help Evaluating Healthcare Architecture Firms?

If you're in no rush, it's best to take your time when choosing the right firm among healthcare architecture firms. However, if you need to get started right away, we can help.

At Arminco Inc., we've designed countless medical, dental, and veterinary offices since 2005. We're all about realizing your vision without breaking the bank. To learn more, be sure to contact us

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