How Instagram Is Affecting Interior Design Trends around the World

How Instagram Is Affecting Interior Design Trends around the World

September 26, 2019 - Arminco Inc.

Bethesda Sedation Dentistry

Bethesda Sedation Dentistry

Ever since Instagram launched in 2010, people have shown tremendous interest in taking pictures and posting them on their Instagram accounts. Now, business owners have started to realize that by making their business more “Instagrammable”, they can encourage their customers to take pictures and post it on their social media, which equals free advertising for them!

For example, the McDonald’s flagship restaurant at Sydney Airport, where the food is prepared behind a yellow glass box and delivered to customers via a conveyor belt, is the most “Instagrammed” spot in the entire airport!

Designs that seem to interest customers include interesting artwork, appropriate lighting schemes, and beautiful designs throughout the building.

James “JJ” Acuna started receiving lots of commissions for making successful business designs after his first project, JJ Acuna/Bespoke Studio. He says that the idea is to “make the place Instagrammable” by the customers.

Scott Valentine, founder of Vale Architects and producer of ‘Instagram Design Guide’ explains that designing your building in a way that appeals to the customer and encourages them to take photos and post them online is far more effective than trying to convince them yourself. However, he admits that receiving many ‘likes’ on social media does not always equal advertisement.

Ben McCarthy, founder of design studio Charlie & Rose disagrees with Scott Valentine. He says that getting shared on Instagram and social media is just a byproduct of good design and that interior designers shouldn’t just aim to create a design specifically for Instagram.

Try not to make your business seem like a theme park because if you do, people will visit there once and feel like they’ve experienced everything! Always have an element of surprise to encourage your customers to return.

If the visitor (or patient) is in the waiting room and impressed with a certain element of your office and wants to post a photo on Instagram, that’s a bonus. Your office design should be impressive enough on its own. The photo on social media is a bonus. The days of a sterile-looking practice are over. Time to stretch the boundaries and put as much work into your office design as you would in your home interior.


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