Doctor Office Designs: Choosing the Right Waiting Room Furniture

Doctor Office Designs: Choosing the Right Waiting Room Furniture

June 04, 2021 - Arminco Inc.

When you run your own medical practice, there are a lot of things to think about. So much so that when it comes to your waiting room, you might think that a couple of chairs and a plant are all you need.

However, we think you should go the extra mile and design a waiting room your patients will love. A comfortable waiting area will put your patients at ease, which will help you establish trust with them.

So, what kind of waiting room furniture do you need? Keep reading as we break down doctor office designs.

What Do You Need In Your Waiting Room?

A doctor office waiting room is a patient's first impression of your office. It should be inviting, comfortable, and clean. Here are some things you should consider having in your waiting room:

  • Comfortable single chairs so patients don't have to share a couch
  • Up to date reading materials
  • A play area for children
  • A place to hang coats and umbrellas
  • A TV
  • Coffee tables
  • Plants
  • A calming paint color
  • Carpet or rugs

Let's break these down. First of all, if your patient's usually have to wait a few minutes before their appointment, it's important to have comfortable furniture in the waiting room.

Single chairs are the most efficient choice since people don't like sharing couches with a stranger. Choose chairs that are upholstered for more comfort and noise absorption.

Providing fun reading materials will help your patients pass time, so keep a couple of magazine subscriptions active so you always have the latest edition. A TV in the corner of the room is also a nice touch.

Even if your practice doesn't see children, you may have patients who are parents that need to bring their young kids with them to their appointment. Keeping a couple of toys or children's books available will help keep the kids occupied while the parent is filling out paperwork. Just make sure the toys get regularly sanitized.

Create a Peaceful Atmosphere

Coffee tables will not only give your patients something to set their things on, but they will also make the room feel homier. Purchase tables with rounded edges instead of sharp edges. They will make the room feel less sterile and more comfortable.

Plants will also add a cozy and peaceful touch. Go with real plants over fake to give the room some life. Choose calming color schemes in the waiting room, and don't go crazy with patterns.

If you need more sound absorption to protect your patient's privacy, add carpet or pretty rugs to the waiting room. Drapes and acoustic ceiling tiles will also help keep the waiting room quiet.

Choosing the Best Doctor Office Designs

The best way to get the waiting room of your dreams is to let professional designers create a custom space for you.

At Arminco Design and Architecture, our team of designers can create the perfect waiting room for your office. We specialize in doctor office designs and know what will make a great impression on your patient.

We prioritize functionality, comfort, and a personal touch. Contact us to get started with your waiting room design today.

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