Doctor Office Design: How to Create a Warm and Welcoming Space

Doctor Office Design: How to Create a Warm and Welcoming Space

February 04, 2022 - Arminco Inc.

Approximately 60% of Americans fear going to the doctor. For many, this stems from a fear of the unknown or anxieties about the condition of their health. And an unwelcoming, sterile environment doesn't help.

These fears and dread actually keep people from seeking medical care. This means a loss of patients and poor follow-up numbers for physicians.

One way to settle patient fears and maintain a steady client base is by having a comfortable doctor office design. Keep reading to learn how to create a warm and welcoming space your patients will love.

Natural Light

If you have the opportunity to create a doctor's office design that lets in natural light, take it. Natural light has significant stress-relieving benefits and makes a space feel warmer and brighter.

Windows or skylights are great opportunities for natural light. Try to implement these in the waiting room area as well as exam rooms. The bigger the window, the more modern the design will look.

Avoid boring blinds and instead, add stylish curtains to frame the windows. This will add extra coziness to the space.

If the building doesn't have windows, you can opt for artificial daylight such as LED lights. You can also use cove lighting, a form of LED light strips that create natural sunlight and shadow effect.

Calming Colors

Studies show that blues, greens, beige, and greys are perceived as calming and safe colors. On the other hand, white walls are associated with sterile and cold feelings.

Choose a calming tone to paint the walls, and incorporate these calming hues throughout the rooms with decor.

For floors, go with a beige or grey flooring (depending on whether you want a modern upgraded look or a more traditional feel). This will increase the calming mood of the room. Just be sure not to use the same shade for the floors and the walls or you will get a monotone and uninviting space.

Comfortable Seating

Seating choice plays a large role in the overall doctor's office interior design feel. Soft fabrics and pillows will create a more comfortable and cozy space.

Stay away from plastics or metals and choose seating that has fabric cushions. Whether it's padded armchairs or plush couches, comfortable patients will be happier patients.


Let's face it. There is nothing inviting about bare walls. Having the right wall accents will substantially improve the warmth and welcoming feel of the doctor's office design.

Hang paintings, photographs, or shelves to host decor. Plants are also a great decor addition that has added stress-relief benefits.

Decor not only improves the doctor's office interior design but it also gives patients something to look at it. This can distract them from any worries or fears they may have.

Get Started on Your Warm and Welcoming Doctor Office Design

With these simple tips, your doctor office design will be more inviting and allow patients to feel more at home. A warm and welcoming space can improve trust and lead to better patient compliance.

Check out our portfolio to see examples of doctor's office interior design and get inspired! Our expert staff offers full design, architecture, and construction services to make your warm and welcoming office a reality. Contact us to schedule a consultation, today.

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