Designing Your Dream Dental Office

Designing Your Dream Dental Office

September 07, 2018 - James Ton

You have dreamt up your new practice and have chosen your new space, now it is time to design your new dental office. The design process is a collaboration between yourself and your designers. Here are a few areas of focus you can expect to make your office uniquely yours.

Personality: Building a good relationship with your designers should be the most important part of your office design. Only then would your designers be able to understand your needs, wants, dislikes, and the personality you want to portray through your office. Who you are as a person, and as a dentist, will let potential clients understand what sets you apart from other doctors around you. And your dental office design should reflect the same.

Flow and Function: How you work, how you move around your office will be different from doctor to doctor. Understanding your team’s workflow and activities will dictate how your floor plan will be designed in order to maximize efficiency and make your space more comfortable for both patients and staff.

Design and MEP: Once you and your designers understand what is best for your office, the fun begins with bringing your dream office to life visually. From choosing colors and finishes to designing fun little details, the aesthetic of your office design will allow patients know they are visiting a unique office, being treated by a unique doctor. The MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) design ensures your office functions at maximum performance.

Watch the video above as designers Allison Rasmus and Zehra Arif discuss more about the process you can expect to bring your dream office design to life.

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