Dental Clinic Design: The Dos & The Definite Don'ts

Dental Clinic Design: The Dos & The Definite Don'ts

January 08, 2021 - Arminco Inc.

Is your goal esthetics or functionality? If you’re talking dental clinic design, both play vital roles in the way patients and staff experience time spent in your dental practice.

The days of stark white walls and tiny, cramped treatment areas are long gone. Today, dental clinic design includes spaces with more efficient shapes and color schemes that soothe patients who struggle with dental anxiety.

How do you choose the best design for dental clinics? Before you start building or renovating, take a minute, and explore a few dos and don’ts of designing your dental office to create an efficient workflow and a fantastic patient experience.

Do Focus on Esthetics

Back in the day, shag carpets and drab wall treatments might have been the in-thing for dental office design. Today, outdated floor plans, flooring, and wall decor can completely undo your efforts to deliver cutting edge dentistry to your patients.

Patients do judge appearances. Creating a modern-looking office says, “modern dental care starts here.” From the minute patients walk into your office, they should feel at home. Most people think of home as a place of comfort and tranquility—two things not usually associated with dental appointments.

Create an environment for your patients by updating wall décor. A fresh color of paint sets the backdrop. Use a bold hue as an accent color and compliment the new décor with comfortable chairs, love seats, and benches that complete a warm, inviting look.

Don’t Forget Function and Form

Patients and dental staff appreciate an attractive environment, but without efficiency, the workflow will suffer. When that happens, it impacts both your team and your customers.

One way you can optimize workflow is to create a horseshoe-shaped office. Patients move through in an orderly, assembly line-like manner.

Another popular dental office design is an open concept. If you decide on this arrangement for your treatment area, make each space the same size, and stock them all with identical supplies. Now, your staff can perform routine dental services in any of the available rooms.

Patients won’t experience delays, and staff will enjoy higher productivity.

Do Work With a Professional

Consulting with a professional who specializes in dental architecture design should be a top priority. This is the person or team who understands the practice of dentistry and how it impacts the design of your dental office.

A seasoned design professional works with you to:

  • Determine Your Design Program
  • Maximize Square Footage
  • Plan for the Future

Your design program helps define how you intend to practice. Maximizing square footage translates to less money lost due to wasted space. Planning for your practice's future allows you to adapt to changes in dental equipment and technology more efficiently.

Let Us Help With Your Dental Clinic Design

Now that we’ve covered just a few of the dos and don’ts associated with design for dental clinics, we’d love to work with you to ensure your design project is a smashing success.

Get in touch with us today, and let's work together on your dental clinic design!

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