Dental Architecture: Three Tips for Hiring a Professional Architect

Dental Architecture: Three Tips for Hiring a Professional Architect

January 28, 2022 - Arminco Inc.

Did you know that approximately 36 percent of the population in the US has some form of dental anxiety or fear when going to the dentist? There are many ways that dentists can help moderate this anxiety, and one of them is to ensure their dental office is welcoming and relaxing.

That is where dental architecture can be vital. Architects who work in this field can ensure your patients feel a bit better in your office and that everyone who works there can have a more efficient space. But how do you choose the right architect for a dental office design?

Learn three tips that can help you choose.

Similar Dental Architecture Projects

It is important to find an architect that has been involved in dental office architecture design before. They will have a better idea of what you are in need of. You want an architect that has worked in spaces that are similar to yours in size and layout, and that may have the same problems as your location.

Ask to see examples of their previous work. Any dental architect worth hiring will be able to show you completed projects, floor plans, and property plans. Take your time to look through all of these and note what their style is and whether it would work for you.

If you have an expertise and want to be able to provide orthodontics or periodontics, you will want to find an architect who has provided designs for those types of offices.

Experience and Training

A dental architect has to have been trained in all aspects of clinical construction. They have to have an idea of how a functioning clinical office works and how it can improve its efficiency.

It helps if the dental architect has the experience and knowledge of construction since they will be able to handle the hiring of contractors for you.

You want to be sure that they have experience in all aspects of the design, including any legal requirements. For example, if you want to add more seating space or boost your ADA compliance, you need an architect that knows the regulations and has experience.

Communication and Vision

The architect you choose has to be someone who understands what your vision for the design is and will work tirelessly to bring it to reality. You should be able to contact them easily and get answers to your questions without having to wait a long time.

If the architect has a client portal, look at it before making a decision to see if it is something you feel comfortable using. Communicating with the architect should not be a struggle.

Transform Your Practice's Design

When you turn to experts like us at Arminco, Inc. you know you will get qualified and experienced professionals in the industry of dental architecture. We are here to make your dental office one that can help reduce anxiety in patients and that can make your job easier.

Contact us today to speak with an expert.

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