Dental Architecture 101: Setting up Your Practice With Design in Mind

Dental Architecture 101: Setting up Your Practice With Design in Mind

April 30, 2021 - Arminco Inc.

Are you thinking of having your own dental office built?

There are around 182,418 dental offices in the US. Most of these follow a general layout and design, allowing for maximum efficiency for the dentists while they work. What most of these offices don't realize, though, is that efficiency and utility aren't the only factors to consider when designing a dentist office for your practice.

Dental architecture means considering other factors when designing your office. Read what's below to find out what you need to consider and how you can design your office efficiently.

Have an Open Space to Receive Patients

An open space is invaluable when it comes to designing your office. You must have a big space nowadays since the global health situation calls for adequate distancing. Doing this also keeps your potential clients comfortable while they wait for someone to service them.

To do this, have a clear path for the patients to reach the receptionist's desk from the waiting room. Walls between these areas will make the customer feel ignored, especially when they don't know if there's someone there to attend to them. So, make sure they see the receptionist. Make your dentist office feel more inviting.

Doing this also promotes better air circulation throughout the office. Make use of natural wind if it's available. Using wooden screens for walls is a great way to let the airflow naturally through your office.

Imply Cleanliness and Professionalism Through Design

When designing your office, you have the opportunity to help it make a great first impression. You can do this by ensuring it promotes cleanliness and professionalism. One way to do this is by using the right colors in your office.

Some colors can affect how a person feels. Incorporating colors that make people feel calm is a good choice. This is because most people who are going to the dentist are often anxious, especially children.

If you want to promote professionalism, you can have smart elements installed. Touchless technology can help people feel safer in your office. You can set up wireless infrastructure that patients only need to scan to pay their dues, for example.

Arrange Your Setup Carefully

If you're going to run a dental practice, make sure you design the layout well. This means that you should be able to access your tools and other materials with ease. Doing this is important for the benefit of the waiting patients.

You don't want to run around getting menacing tools to parade in front of them. Instead, you'll want to be able to get to your tools without them seeing.

A well-designed orthodontist office will have a storage area close to your workspace. This way, you won't need to go out of the sterilized zone to get your tools, and you will get your items faster.

Learn About the Essentials of Dental Architecture Today

Creating a medical office for your dental practice is more than giving yourself room to work and your patients a room to wait in. It involves interior design made to help both parties feel more comfortable inside. Learn all about dental architecture to know what we mean and design your space today!

Looking for the premier service to help you design and build your office? Contact us here and tell us how we can help you today!

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