Creating Comfort: Dental Office Design Best Practices to Follow

Creating Comfort: Dental Office Design Best Practices to Follow

March 18, 2022 - Arminco Inc.

An estimated 63% of adults ages 18 and over have visited the dentist last year. Routine dental visits are an essential part of maintaining optimum health.

Creating a positive customer experience is also essential in dental office design. Since most patients will visit your office two or more times a year, it is necessary to consider how to improve the customer experience.

Your dental office is a reflection of your brand. Patients will grow to appreciate office amenities that set your dental practice apart from the rest. Continue reading to learn more about creating a comfortable thriving dental office.

Dental Office Design

The modern dental office design focuses on customer experience.

Some people dread going to the dentist. Allow your professional office design to show your patients they have nothing to fear. Bringing in some of the comforts of home in various ways will allow your patients to breathe a little easier.

In working with your design team, consider some of the best practices to follow in creating a dental office that will have you beaming with pride. The ultimate goal is providing a high quality of dental care for your patients that you would want for yourself or your family.

To separate your dental practice from large corporate chains, make it your own. Consider your brand and what you want it to represent.

Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience

To give your patients the best possible experience before they arrive in the exam chair, consider adding these office perks as part of your dental branding.

  • Comfortable seating
  • Refreshments
  • Activities for pediatric patients
  • Entertainment
  • A welcoming environment

Creating the ultimate patient experience can reward your dental practice in leaps and bounds. A professional office design combined with superb customer service is hard to beat. Your dental practice will receive well-deserved dental branding.

Think of How You Want Your Patients to Feel

Comfort is everything, especially when paying a visit to the dentist.

Think about what experience you'd like your patients to have. Talk with your designer about creating an inviting atmosphere that patients of all ages will love.

Some dental offices opt for a professional office design resembling a spa experience. If cosmetic dentistry is a concentrated focus in your practice, this may be an appealing option in attracting your ideal clientele.

Enjoy Your Wait

Your dental office design should emphasize the waiting area.

You want your patients to have the best customer experience possible. A few whimsical pieces of artwork will add charm and intrigue to your waiting area.

Consider adding photos of you doing hobbies you enjoy. Pictures of the dental office staff with bright beaming smiles will add a nice touch to your office decor. Creating a relaxing reception area allows patients to enjoy their wait.

Talk with your designer and consider what office furniture style you will have. Try to put yourself in your patients' perspective. Office seating should not face each other but face the reception desk.

Let Arminco Inc Bring Comfort to Your Dental Office

The design team at Arminco Inc can help you bring comfort and tranquility to your dental office design.

Your office should be a reflection of you and your dental branding. Arminco Inc can advise you on the best practices to follow to ensure a professional office design you and your patients will love.

Contact Arminco Inc today for more information on office design and construction.

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